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Illumination | July 2021 Full Moon in Aquarius

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Our Aquarian Moon arrives on Friday July 23rd at 7:37pm pst

This Full Moon is full of

electric ripples,


and future potentials.

The bright moon in Aquarius,

is amplifying the energy

of authenticity.

The Aquarian journey

to individuality is not an easy one.

First, you have to journey past

fears of belonging,

being labeled an outcast,

and not knowing who your tribe is.

An internal pressure develops,

one that forces you to go inward

and know yourself

at an unshakeable level.

Mature Aquarian energy knows itself

because they've had to.

They know

exactly who they are

and are complete in their


It's like a magic mirror,

the more you look

the more you see.

And when you know yourself more,

you accept yourself more,

and naturally, without force,

your tribe begins to magnetize around you.

Who are my best buds? People who have been to sound baths.


This moon is such a beautiful time

to celebrate and enjoy

how you are different.

Revel in your unique frequency.

The full moon is bright and strong,

definitive and certain.

During this lunation,

something new

may lock into

your identity

or future.

Something that may

have been in the far reaches of

you consciousness

is now re-illuminated.

Something is coming alive in you.

A new pulse.

A new electrical current.

Something is getting energized

in you that

you are meant to follow.

This electrical spark may have been started

in Dec 2020, as we are seeing a mirror image of the grand conjunction.

Full Moons traditionally signify completions or endings.

And since this full Moon is

in the wake

Venus & Mars dancing together last week,

this is a very good time to

break any harmful energetic ties with an

x-partner, friend, boss, location, home, or behavioral pattern

so you can move on energetically and emotionally.

Aquarius is the future maker. And this is the first of two back to back full Aquarian Moons, with the second arriving on August 22nd.

The stirrings of this Full Moon

will continue to grow

into the next one making it

a very good time to be

definitive in your truth.

There are a lot of oppositions in this chart.

Energy is building up. It may feel agitated or tense but use the energies to break the mold that binds you.

Do not back down from what you know, feel, and are.



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