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Are you in the Scorpio Soup? | Inner Sounds Academy

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Inner Sounds Academy Blog: Sound Baths + Science + Mysticism.

There is A LOT

UP right now.

Scorpio has been

stirring the emotional soup

and forcing the gooey residue

to the surface for examination.

Do you toss it?

Repurpose it?

Shy away in disgust?

What do you do with the goo?

Scorpio loves to explore

that which we repel or shy away from.





Shadow Side

These are Scorpios

favorite ingredients.

Scorpio lasers in on

our must-have needs.

What unexpressed needs

are hiding underneath the surface?

What desires are underneath our programming?

What do we avoid talking about and why?

They say Scorpio

is all about the shadow,

but I'm not sure I believe in shadow.

Do we need more duality in our lives?

i don't think so.

I like to think

Scorpio is about

seeing all of ourselves.

Expressing all of ourselves.

If it senses a facade,

a subverted need,

an avoidance,

it will bring it to the surface.

With this eclipse especially,

Scorpio may burn things down

to rise new things up.

For some of us,

we may feel wiped

and exposed.

With many heavy but

necessary conversations to have.

Others, may feel

liberated as their hidden talents,

unconscious magic, and parts of themselves

that didn't feel safe to claim

are now in the open.

Are you in the Scorpio Soup? Me TOO!

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There is an odd element of

playfulness to this intense eclipse.

A sense that it may be about the perspective.

Eww this goo is so gross


Oooo! Look at the slime!

This eclipse,


encourages a new approach

to those monsters under the bed.

Maybe they aren't so scary after all?

Good luck and let me know how it goes!



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