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Mercurial Slow Down -What it is & Why you need it. | Inner Sounds Academy

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

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Mercury retrograde gets a


The mystic misfit is blamed

for all sorts shenanigans.

One Mercury Rx,

my cell phone melted,

landline died,

and internet was out

for 3 whole days.

It was a complete tech black out

for 3 BLISSFUL days.

No one to text.

No one to call.

No one to email.

I was in HEAVEN.

This was my first MSD.

Mercurial Slow Down.

Mercurial Slow Downs

force us

to stop,

slow down,

and notice.

MSD ruthlessly

takes away things,

impedes, blocks, deletes,

and sends you down the rabbit hole.


are MSD


Nothing too bad or detrimental,

but a CLEAR obstruction

that forces you to step off the gas.

Life is constantly

speeding us up.

Tech is minimizing

our attention span

and maximizing

our investment.

Long attention

is hard to find.

It is hard to step out of the blur

and into the details.

Two days ago, with the intent

to let off

some steam and destress,

I went on a noontime run.

One second I am

running and feeling vibrant.

The next, I am tumbling in slow motion,

onto the sidewalk.

Isn't it annoying

when you see the ground coming

and in your mind

you are like “ROLL like 007”

but in reality you skid to a clumsy stop

and don't want to look down


you know

THIS feeling.




skinned knees


As a kid who

continually fell off

roller skates, bikes,

or just plain old tripped,

there is a

strange nostalgia

to the skinned knee situation.

The process.

The pain.

Even the timing of the healing.

It is all so familiar.

Memories with smells

of bacteria and first aid cream

are floating the surface.

I am on Day 2.

Do you remember Day 2 of skinned knees?

Today and yesterday,

I was forced to rest


The things I should

be doing, like youtube videos and instagram,

are temporarily

put on hold.

I am in a temporary freeze zone.

A low grade pain

exists all day.

One knee is still bleeding.

The other is not but hurts more.


It isn't bad or awful

but it is annoying and insistent.

As the Mercurial Slow Down demands,

I'm forced

to slow down

and rest.

Ive had other MSD's,

minor car accidents,

Technology glitches, etc.

and try to consider

these situations as

soft alarms.

A light hum

from the universe

to STOP and pay attention.


Step out of the routines.

Watch bad tv series without feeling too bad about it.

Read a novel.

Get bored.

It is an unexpected

empty moment

of discovery.

what will I learn? Maybe nothing.

Maybe more than I could ever expect.

Idle moments are


things clic

and something

brand new may slide into view.

What about you?

Have you had a forced Mercurial Slow Down?

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