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Stumbling Into Excellence | Inner Sounds Academy

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Inner Sounds Academy Blog: Sound Baths + Science + Mysticism.

Stumbling into Excellence

It is easy to forget where you started...

it forces me

to look back and see

just how far I've come

from where I started.

What comes naturally now

did not

come naturally

at the beginning.


We forget

our achievements

that come about slowly,


over time.

Like a gardener,

that knows all the little things

that must be done each month

without really thinking

about all the learning,


and failing

it took to gather

all that


natural wisdom now.

When I look back,

I began by banging on

a Jupiter gong,

watching it swing like crazy and bounce around,

without really understanding

what was happening

to now…

having a specific method of gong playing

that comes naturally

and is directly aligned with different brainwave states.

A method that can be

taught and passed down

to new healers.

It's like


I went from

haphazardly banging on a gong

to a meticulous method of play with science backing it

AND can teach others how to do this TOO?


When you look back on your own life,

where have you stumbled into excellence?

What have you learned over time

that comes naturally now

but was messy and hard at the start?

To celebrate our

collective excellence,

for free this week!

It is a signature sound bath,

one that on the outside,

looks fairly simple and easy

but on the inside

is ten years in the making.



Psst… If you are interested in learning the art of sound healing, sign up for our Level 1 Trainig Waitlist Here.

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