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Could a Sound Bath Solve Your Insomnia? | Inner Sounds Academy

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Inner Sounds Academy Blog: Sound Baths + Science + Mysticism.

Can't Sleep? Take this Sound Bath Medicine

Many of you know, we've been busy getting ready for our


Level 1 cohort!

Moving gongs and bowls,

setting up for multiple camera angles and microphones,

reviewing slides, updating notes, etc

It is a TON of work and very EXCITING!

Which means….

I will probably…

most likely …

get ZERO sleep.

NOT because I'm stressed or there is too much to do,

this is our 4th year of teaching, so we are pretty solid,

it is because


YES, I'm one of those people who STILL

can't sleep the night before Christmas.

It's like, Geez lady, you are 45.

You already know half of the presents you are getting.

I get SO excited

I can't sleep.

And… when I can't sleep,

what do I turn to?

A Sound Bath with a side

of Melatonin Gummy.

Sound baths have been a HUGE help

with sleep issues

for both myself and my partner.

My partner, Jason,

suffers from bi-phasic sleep,

which means he wakes up at 3 or 4 am

for a little while.

This isn't unusual, there has been plenty of documentation

For a millennia, people would split up their sleep and

use the 2 am wakeful period to be productive,

get romantic, get spiritual, etc.

Those that had physically demanding jobs

would enjoy a first sleep to revive the body

and, then, wake up, and do some chores.

For us 2023 folks, if you keep waking up over and over again

in the middle of the night, instead of it being a welcome break,

it can create sleep anxiety.

As in, you worry about not sleeping

which causes you to definitely not sleep

some more.

More worry.

Another hour passes.

Even more worry.

We have all felt this from time to time.

Many people who have bi-phasic sleep,

end up with sleep anxiety.

It may ease some of your sleep anxiety,

to know that this form of split sleeping

was not considered bad or a form of insomnia,

it was literally the way people lived.

So, when Jason wakes up at 3am (for no reason),

he gets up for a bit,

drinks some water,

reads a bit,

and then

pops in some ear buds

and listens to a sound bath.

He literally starts snoring within a few minutes

EVERY time.

This is due to how the crystal bowls

interact with your brainwaves, especially certain combinations

which create very slow sound waves.

Did you know that listening to sound baths


can actually create BETTER sleep

patterns and deeper sleep.

Better sleep is literally the #1 reported benefit

I've heard again and again,

over the last ten years of facilitating sound baths

digitally and live in-person.

SNORING is also the #1 complaint

I've heard again and again

at live in-person sound baths.

I barely start playing the bowls

and people immediately

start SNORING.

It isn't the snoreres fault,

blame those pesky crystal bowls

for inducing deep Delta Sleep

Brainwaves again and again.

This isn't just true to my sound baths,

there is growing research that supports

sound healing as sleep medicine.

Know a sleep researcher? I would be HAPPY

to assist with conducting research for sleep science.

calls sleep our superpower.

I call

sound baths

our sleep superpower.

If you also have

bi-phasic sleep,

and when that 2 am wakeful period arrives,

be like the Middle Ages,

get up, do a couple things and then

pop in your ear buds and listen to a sound bath.

Need a 2 am Middle of the Night



Psst… Level 1 Sound Healing Training SOLD OUT within two weeks but we are starting a SPECIAL Waitlist for our next cohort.

Want to get on it? Email me

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