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MY FATHER AT M.I.T. - 1960'S


You know those overbearing guru spiritual types? Yah. Me too. Uhh...I'm not one of them. I am a beer drinking, bacon eating (no shade pls), coffee addicted, messy human who used sound to break free from a very dark cycle of depression and anxiety. 


I was just as skeptical as the next person... but saw and felt immediate, undeniable results.


To this very day, I remember

the exact instanteverything changed.


It was a blank

sunny day in Los Angeles.


I was in year three of an intense roller coaster of anxiety and dark depression for my father.


You see, me and him, him and me,

our journeys are tied together with messy, tangled strings.


In a nutshell, in my early 30s my dad unexpectedly became severely mentally ill. It was an overnight kind of thing. Totally shocking.

At the time, I was paralyzed

by two polar extremes of

severe anxiety for my dad’s safety and grief for losing the father I knew.

Things started to go downhill for me and him.


My body and mind began to break down from the constant stress. I couldn’t sleep, had digestive issues, TMJ, severe migraines... you get it.

Days stretched to months and months to years.

Dad wasn’t getting better.

I wasn’t getting better.

I remember feeling like I was in a total blur. 

Who am I?

Why am I even alive? What is the point of this life?


And then, on one blank sunny day,

in an instant - my entire life changed.


I stumbled into an unmemorable yoga studio where a teacher played a quartz crystal bowl at the end of class.


I had never heard one before.

I didn't even know what it was called.


I just knew how it felt.


My ENTIRE body relaxed.

A whole body exhale from my head to my feet. 

And, I was like…what the???


My mind was entirely still,

like an endless



I, literally, saw toxic energy moving out of my body like brown dust,

as if a broom had struck

my auric field and shook out all the toxicity.


It was incredible. I had never experienced anything like it.

I felt a shaft of hope hit my body.

My god, I thought, I might be able to get through this.

I walked up to the teacher and said…

what IS that?


She casually replies, it’s a crystal bowl.

I was like, oh, where do I get one?


Five business days later, 3 crystal bowls arrive in the mail from Florida

and my journey to you begins.


Three months later I am sleeping like a champ, had zero headaches, energy was up, digestive system repaired -  my body felt strong and happy.


Six months later the real magic started kickin in. 


My mind was able sync up with Theta-brainwaves for emotional integration and healing. My severe depression eased little by little, until one day, it was just gone. It went out the back door and has never returned.

Things started to integrate and I began to have a better attitude, lighter way of being, felt, well... more like myself. Happier.

​My Dad’s journey continued on a downward cycle until he passed away from his illness.

The conditions of my personal life didn’t change but

my ability to handle it did. 


Colleagues at work couldn't even recognize me anymore, they kept asking me, “what did I do?” I kid you not.


I was like, uh.. well ...I played these instruments, relaxed,

and napped a lot. 


To be totally transparent....I was kinda embarrassed.


Who does sound healing?

Isn’t a bunch of weirdos? Do I have to wear white?


The results were undeniable, BUT, I was feeling pretty reluctant about stepping into the role of sound healer.

People kept asking and asking. 

They hounded me.

So, I reluctantly started sharing it.

And... eventually,

sharing with them...

led me to share with you.


It took a long time with plenty of hard ninety-degree

turns to land me to this moment,

right now, with you.


Now, I am a sassy psychic sonic witch who has nothing to prove.

My mission is to offer radical, organic,

holistic healing to as many people as possible.

Too many of us are suffering in silence,

we are afraid and exhausted,

and feel like there is no way out.

Sometimes, there isn't a way OUT.

There is only a way THROUGH.

Sound Healing was my way through it.

And, my hope is it will offer you a new way through it, too.

If you read to here,

thank you.

​-Melissa Felsenstein

Does this resonate? Drop me line. I'd love to hear from you.

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