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Cord Cutting Spell | July & Aug 2021 Full Moons in Aquarius

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Back to back Aquarian Moons:

Friday July 23rd at 7:37pm pst AND Sunday, Aug 22 5:02am pst

Full Moons traditionally signify completions or endings.

With two back-to-back full moons in Aquarius

plus a few other cosmic perks,

August is looking like

a fantastic time to

break any and all harmful energetic ties with an

x-partner, friend, boss, location, home, or behavioral pattern

so you can move on energetically and emotionally.

A Cord Cutting Spell is designed to cut the ties of toxic people, places, careers, jobs, or things so you can heal and move on.

When you create a new bond with someone or something, there are tiny invisible, energetic threads or cords that travel between you. These cords link you together, exchange energy, and stay in place long after the relationship has ended.

These cords snake their way through our jobs, bosses, careers, places, friendships, intimate relationships, and, even, in our own identities.

Witchery believes that when a relationship or work environment becomes toxic, the cords continue to exchange bad juju long after your break up or quit or move.

Like little toxic vampires, they continue to suck your power and energy, until they are severed.

Here are some examples of when cord cutting makes sense:

  • Do you keep seeing a repeat pattern in your dating life? Cut them cords.

  • Did you endure a toxic work environment? Chop, Chop!

  • Get ghosted or have a sudden friendship loss? Snip snip!

  • Notice repeat behavioral patterns in yourself? Cuttin' time.

  • Had a really bad time in a certain house or city? Slay it.

  • Did an intimate relationship become toxic? Slice and dice.

Etheric cords can enter through any part of the body, chakras or energy fields. Some are chakra to chakra, some are at random. Be open to whatever you are shown.

Healthy relationships exchange positive energy through these bonds, so this spell isn’t for them. This spell is only for the unhealthy cords you want to be free of.

Also, this is not about sending bad vibes to anyone, this spell does no harm to anyone, it simply ends the negative impact and stops the drain of your energy, power, and time.

You may experience new feelings of neutrality, compassion, or even kinship post spell. We aren’t eradicating people or places out of our lives, we are simply releasing the negative energy binding us, so we have more choices going forward.

  1. Begin by gathering your magical tools:

    1. Something to cleanse your room with: sage , mists of protection, or ethically sourced palo santo.

    2. A black candle, candle holder, burnable cotton string, a vessel to burn, scissors or knife.

    3. Locate a safe space to burn the candle and, if you choose to burn the string, you will need a fire-proof vessel like a pot or cauldron.

    4. TIP: Part of the reasons why spells work is because they combine the physical with the spiritual. You will be physically cutting the cords while reciting a mantra. This can feel awkward at first, you may need to recite the mantra a few times adding vigor but the more serious you take it, the further the spell will take you.

Start the Spell: Begin the spell by opening all the windows and doors of your house, if possible, to let out all the negativity you are releasing.

  • Listen to this sound bath and feel yourself become very grounded, clear, and focused. Imagine a circle of protection, a bubble around you and your space.

  • Cleanse your space via ethically sourced sage, palo santo, or cloud of protection.

Grab the string, either encircle the candle or yourself. My preference is to encircle yourself. Place the candle in the center on something safe and non-flammable. The candle will need to burn all the way down.

Reflect on your toxic tie.

How did you get into this toxic relationship, is there a pattern?

Reflect on all the ways you’ve grown in your relationships especially since July 2019. What red flags you will no longer ignore and where are your new boundaries?

How you will know the spell is working?

What might look or feel different?

When your x-reaches out, how do you want to feel after the spell?

Complete your reflections and new commitments. This can be burned in the cauldron at the end, if you choose.

Take a few deep breaths and begin to visualize the toxic relationship.

  • Carve a letter, glyph, or symbol in the candle that represents the toxic relationship with a needle or pin.

  • Ignite the candle. Visualize the toxic bond.

Let all the energetic connections come to mind without judgement.

  • If you like, you can imagine all the happy memories entering the energetic cord and filling up the other connection point or person with good vibes. Then, begin to remember the negative or draining parts of the relationship, and imagine those drains are dissolving the bonds.

When you’ve finished your visualization, it is time to call in the elements to assist with the cord cutting.

  • Turn to face West and state, “By the power of the West, I sever and release all toxic etheric ties. May the element of water wash away these bonds. Toxicity BEGONE!”

  • Being careful, severe the Western part of the string by knife or scissors.

  • Turn to face North, “By the power of the North, I sever and release all toxic etheric ties. May the enduring strength of earth transform and absorb all toxic etheric ties. Toxicity BEGONE!” Sever the northern strong bond.

  • Turn to face East, “By the power of the East, I sever and release all toxic etheric ties. May the wind of change disperse these bonds deep into the ethers. Toxic ties BEGONE!” Sever the eastern string bond.

  • Turn to face South. “By the power of the South, I sever and release all toxic etheric ties. May the power of fire burn away these toxic bonds. Toxic etheric ties BEGONE!” Sever the Southern string bond.

Finally, place a hand on your personal power center and feeling centered in your power, state, “All energy that is here is mine and my own ONLY. I claim my power as my own. I stand in my complete, absolute power.”

  • Take the string and either burn all of it safely in a fireproof vessel (aka your cauldron) or singe the edges of each part, carefully burning the ends.

  • Leave the candle safely burning until it has fully burned (you can do this in stages over the course of a few days or, preferably, in one night).

  • Re-sage your house one more time, hitting all the corners with a new, empowered, clean energy.

  • Afterwards, pour yourself a libation, take a nice long bath, and eat something yummy.

  • Within 3 days, take any and all remnants of the spell: the wick of the candle and string (or string ash) and bury somewhere away from your home.

You are now a witch expert, so decide what mantra you will use to bury this spell as a final parting of any harmful entanglements.

Image 1, 3, & 4: unknown

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