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A Tale of a Little Bowl... I hated | 528 hz

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

I want to tell you a little story about frequency.

Several years ago,

I purchased my first little bowl.

Smaller bowls mean higher pitch,

as in, going up the piano, while bigger bowls,

go down in pitch, aka going down the piano.

Anyhoo, this bowl,

by pure accident,

happened to cool at

a very special frequency (says, who?)

called 528hz.

This frequency

was IT!

THE frequency.

It was all the rage.

Spiritualists were writing about how 528hz

IS the frequency of the NEW EARTH!

IT is enlightening.

IT is the future.

Big shit like that.

I listened to this tiny little 8” bowl.

And found it...






Downright cringe-worthy!

My body, my energy, my whole self

screamed a HELL no!

Listen folks, I am a skeptic.

I believe it is a gift.

Unless I feel it for myself,

I am hesitant to just believe

in the latest spiritual appetizer.

The latest craze.

I’ve got to

feel it.

And, clearly,

I was NOT feelin

this bowl.

I tucked it away and played it very rarely.

Recently, I mentioned

A rare astrological occurrence that

hasn’t happened in 166 years

and won’t happen again until 2188.

We are still surfing the waves of the exact conjunction

which occurred on April 12th.

I spend about a week

tuning into the different energies.

I will play different

bowls and gongs

and see

who is “raising their hand”

so to speak.



some raise their hands

and some do not.

Last week,

cringy 528 hz bowl

was raising their hand


I braced myself

for the horrors of this bowl

and to my surprise...




In fact, it was easy to play.

This little bowl, merrily

got along with everyone.

It occurred to me, that previous years

were not an energy match to this bowl.

Perhaps, I wasn't an energy match to this bowl.

But, now,

right friggin now,

is the time

for this particular bowl.

I still don't prescribe to special frequencies being better or more spiritual than others,

but, I do believe

when the frequency feels right,

then it is right.

As I enjoyed the

528 hz baby bowl,

it felt like the rumors were true -

this IS the

frequency of the moment.

And, it is new.

Higher frequencies like 528 hz are flooding in,

ones that have been years in the making.

They are fresh.

They are intuitive.

Our experiences over the past few years

have led us to new understandings, identities

and priorities.

Our goals, perspective, and perceptions

have changed.

Our frequency has changed.

It is like snorkeling in warm waters for the first time,

the minute you place

your eyes below the waterline,

a hidden world teeming with

iridescent color, vibrancy,

life abundance, and magnificence

is revealed.

Dipping below the waterline gives us a shift in dimension or perception,

Wow, there is a whole new brilliant world down here!

It was always there

but you didn’t see it.

This is the kind of moment we are in,

if you are willing

to look below the waterline,

you will see

a whole world

of higher frequencies.

These new energies that are coming online

are very fine, high level energy,

touching the ethereal, the divine,

the magical, mystical,

and, downright, miraculous.

There are opportunities

to do a deep, karmic clearing.

What are you phasing out?

What are you chiseling off?

There are some lessons you learned

over many lifetimes that

are complete and

ready to be let go of

with a sense







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