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Jupiter & Neptune Are Grabbin' Take-Out Together | April 2022 Astrology

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

Jupiter and Neptune are grabbin take-out together

next week in Pisces,

the very last sign of the zodiac.

Neptune is in a state of

deep meditation


not hungry.

Jupiter is moving fast,

gobbling up the meal

and is now ready for dessert.

Neptune is opening up

a new frequency

of self-security,

of unconditional love of our humanness.

Forgiveness or

frankly, this energy might be more about

no longer give a f*ck about your human messiness,

or human mistakes.

Judgements are dissolving.

Things are no longer seen

from the lens of

right and wrong.

We are no longer

needing approval

or acceptance

from the outside,

because something is


in our interior.

These two planets encourage us to call in love, compassion, security

and feel a sense of worthiness in simply being

ourselves, with nothing to prove.

There is a growing sense of self-containment.

The ability to be in your power

about who you are.

Together, these two planets will help unravel old parts of yourself

that you are done with.

Lessons that are complete.

Parts of your energy that

you've outgrown,

that are no longer healthy, strong, or authentic

are ready to be let go of.

Any energetic facades or falsehoods,

are unraveling.

Loops we've been bound to

for lifetimes

are ready to be broken.


Jupiter and Neptune


an energy of choices.

Choosing a different trajectory.

A different path that is in alignment.

We are ready to do things differently or take a new approach.

Astrologers are calling this conjunction a

Grand Cycle of Release,

a chance to be rid of

anything that is no longer connected to your soul mission.

People, colleagues, connections, partnerships, spouses, friendships,

that aren't a frequency match to you on an energetic level,

will dissolve.

If your energy is being dispersed

between too many

people and ideas, the universe will distill what is most important.

It may feel very intense, very personal, and difficult.

The key to our success is

how well we are able to let things go

that aren't helping us get to where we are going to next.

This moment is about consciously building voids.

You may feel ungrounded, depressed, adrift, or emotionally low.

Jupiter & Neptune offer opportunities to self-soothe

and feel a sense of empowerment

in recognizing your energetic ebbs and flows.

In its highest essence, Pisces is a giant, warm, safe energy field that

will help us love who we are now.

We aren't perfect,

we are always learning, healing, forgiving, and unraveling

as the energy flows around us.

Accept this as a part of nature.

Within you, is a rising tide

of trust.

And faith in the larger plan.



Here are a few ways to add a little magic and fun to this once in a lifetime opportunity

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