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Wacky Witchy Wellness 2022 Gift List

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Tally-Ho! I found it!

I mentioned in my newsletter that I am kinda crazy about gifts... I know, cringe.

Despite the perils of capitalism and evils of amazon,

I still love exchanging gifts with loved ones, especially with my magic witchy friends.

2022 Wacky Witchy Gift Round Up

Under $100

Under $50

Under $20


Upcycle: Let's face it we all own all LOT of shit.

  • Upcycling is one of the easiest ways to release something you've owned and loved and give it to someone else. You get to clear some space and give a friend hand picked item that you know they will LOVE.

  • I looked at my bookcase and saw 5 books to offer as gifts to friends. Same with jewelry or even craft projects. Every item you give has a story that you can share. It's a lovely way to give.

Crafting: What is better than a homemade gift?

There are tons of ways to celebrate and create festive moments for our friends and family while also supporting small biz and the earth.



image credit: Frank Roth

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