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Why 2023 Resolutions SHOULD NOT be SOLO this year | Inner Sounds Academy

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

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WHY New Years Resolutions DON'T have to be a SOLO ACTIVITY

New Years Resolutions.


What happens most of the time?

We make em' and are so EXCITED.

Fast forward to four weeks later…

our resolutions have dropped out

of our lives entirely

and we feel super guilty.

Over the weekend, I had an epiphany about New Years Resolutions and how they are much more successful

when we harness the power of GROUP energy.

GROUP energy.

Let me tell you how....

This weekend, I went cross country skiing

for the first time in TWENTY years.

The first day was pretty tough.

I had a hard time… stopping, going down hills (SCARY AF),

and getting the whole glide thing down.

BUT it was still so FUN.

I felt invigorated.


I was eager to learn more, especially this dang glide thing

which looked deceptively easy but was NOT.

That night, I popped on youtube,

watched a few videos

and tried to learn SOLO.

This is what we do, right?

We hop on youtube

and try to

piecemeal what we need to know.

After two hours of videos, I quickly realized

that these million view videos

couldn't offer much advice with the actual technique involved.

My next ski day was better but I still felt really slow and uncoordinated.

I had this sneaking suspicion

a critical bit of technical information

was missing but I couldn't figure out what.

While taking a little break,

I happened to run into a

group ski lesson for beginners.

I knew immediately, holy shit, THIS is what I'm missing!

This is what I NEED!!

Group Energy. How does it help?

Here is what I saw...

  • ⛷ The beginners class were having the time of their life. Fumbling together, falling, trying to race each other, stumbling and laughing the entire time.

  • ✨ They were all making mistakes and helping each other correct them.

  • 📚 They were learning a new skill and building GOOD habits together.

  • 🧑‍🏫 The teacher was able to offer direct feedback and break down the fundamentals into easy steps.

Elbows in.

Poles out.

Lean into the hill like you are falling into it.

I was like 🤦‍♀️ DUH.

SOLO learning

in a hotel room with youtube

where I can't ask questions is TOUGH.

SOLO learning through patchy guesswork

was already leading to bad ski habits and poor form.

Meanwhile, this group of beginners was having a FANTASTIC time together. Learning the fundamentals and setting a solid foundation TOGETHER.

OMG. I was soooooo jealous.

I wished I had signed up for a class and could be learning together in a group.

At that moment, on the snowy mountain, I had an epiphany. Often times, when we decide to make a resolution,

we utilize a lot of SOLO energy.

  • We make a plan by ourselves.

  • We fail to execute the plan by ourselves.

  • We learn through piecemeal and are WAY more likely to misunderstand concepts or develop bad habits.

Meanwhile….GROUP energy has a multitude of superpowers to give you

  • You are way more likely to succeed with a SUPPORT Crew.

  • You are more likely to make NEW FRIENDS who are also into what you are into.

  • You can feel more compassion towards yourself and feel reassured that others struggling too and learning something new is hard.

  • You can ask questions and develop GREAT HABITS from an expert or teacher.

  • You are more likely to be accountable and stay on track with your goals.

The stars say THIS is the year to utilize the power of GROUP energy, to find like-minded people and form community together.

How can you invite in group energy into your New Years Resolution?

  • Sign up for a class or training!

  • Lasso in a few friends and create a Support Crew that checks in every week on each others progress and helps everyone stay on track

  • Go onto Meet Up and see who else is excited by what you are excited by

GROUP energy is super important to Inner Sounds.

We believe you can learn so much better

when you are in a group than on your own.

Which is why we chose NOT to divide our trainings into self-paced videos,


solo learning is lonely and difficult.

We are committed to do our trainings together as a group. IMAGINE....

🥇 Learning a new skill like how to play a crystal bowl like a boss

🦄 Meeting other sound nerds that are just as crazy excited about sound healing as you are.

This is the POWER of group energy.

And, right now, because of some very unique astrology

this power is exponentially multiplied.

Get out there.

Find your crew.

Together, we can achieve our dreams.



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