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Who you are. Not what you do. 🌟 Aquarius Full Moon Aug 2022

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

This Thursdays, Aug 12 2022

Full Moon in Aquarius

is about FREEDOM.

The definition of freedom is

The condition of being free of restraints, especially the ability to act without control or interference by another or by circumstance.

The BIG question is

How to we become free?

In order to be free

we have to cut away

any restraints.

Restraints can show up as

perceived identities,


outdated roles,

expectations and relationships.

We often have to

break through


break free.

Being yourself fully,

may mean

losing friends, relationships,

places, jobs.

Many of our fellow humans

expect us to play a certain part,

and when we stop,

they do not like it.

This isn't about quitting everything

and giving the world

your middle finger.

It's about healthy boundaries

and a clear mindset.

What is shift is needed to give

them the freedom to be them

and you the freedom with you?

We do have a bit of luck

on our side with

Uranus & North Node

in the mix,

an unexpected truth

could fly in out of nowhere.

Like BAM!




Something you've been working on for years,

lifetimes even,

could suddenly shift via

a new mindset or understanding.

This Moon is dripping with

deeper wisdom.

Knowingness. Clarity.

You may have a knowingness

that the rest of your energy is trying

to integrate or catch up to.

Some parts may be ahead

while others are behind.

There could be push, pull tension.

Aquarius is about

who you are and how you share,

not what you do.

It wants you to be authentic and powerful.

Its energies are futuristic,

multi-faceted, avant guard, and unusual.

With Saturn in the mix,

we get a reality check.

What is coming together, what are you lining up?

How is this going for you?

Does that vision truly involve all of who you are?

You have a LOT of support via a fixed grand square

which adds great tenacity,

great determination

to follow through

and get things done.

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