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What is Lighthouse Energy and why do we desperately need it? ⛵️💡 Inner Sounds Insights

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Lighthouse Energy

Last week my partner and I went on a

camping adventure

and happened to

stall out

on a thick patch of snow

covering the road.

We had no shovels.

We had no cell reception.

We were driving a VW Rabbit with worlds lowest clearance.

But, there was

one thing

we DID have

that we

didn't even realize...

we had

a lighthouse

Lighthouse energy is something I call when

unexpected help arrives,

kindness appears and a spark of hope ignites.

Lighthouse energy arrives in many different forms: people, animals, plants, strangers, friends.

It can be something we do or discover.

Something we receive or give.

This is the energy that helps us

stay buoyant in turbulent times.

It stores hope.

The membership community is a major lighthouse for me.

Our monthly live streams are literally

streamed live

from my living room

and feels extra cozy.

Psst…We've got a Members Full Moon Live Stream next week.

As a gift to each of you

during these awful seas,

here is a free Sound Bath form our digital library

that holds the energy signature of a lighthouse.

Every sound bath we record has a special energy signature

that matches the intention.

Listening to a digital Sound Bath

will nourish your parasympathetic nervous system

through intentional rest.

Listen as often as you like during this next week.

Our bodies could all use a break

as we process the recent tragedies.

As I mentioned above,

lighthouse energy can be anything...

It can be...

⛅️ Clouds slowly passing by

🕷 A spider meticulously creating a web

♻️ Realizing you can recycle nearly all your plastic bags, zip locks, mailers.

🍲 Hearing a crystal bowl for the first time and feeling profound relief

It is anything

that catches our soul

and lights us back up.

This energy

returns us to safety, peace, and hope.

Our lighthouse

appeared as a couple

on their way to a picnic at the lake.

They had bought fried chicken.

Had a little doggie

sleeping in a bed.

Giant GMC truck.

Ready for a day out.

They had plans.

Until.... they saw two city mice

stranded in a snow field.

Many people saw us that day.

They said they were sorry

and turned around.

This couple saw us

and the first thing they said was,

"We've been stuck too,

don't worry we will get you out."

We tried.

We pushed.

The car just wouldn't budge.

So, they drove us 30 minutes (thats 60 min RT people!)

to the next nearest town

to pick up some shovels


spent the next 3 hours

getting us out.

Chicken went cold.

Plans array.

Even though their giant truck

could have easily plowed through the snow.

They let go of their plans,

spent hours digging us out

only to

turn around and

go home.

As silly as we felt for believing we could actually

formula one drive a VW through thick snow,

we also felt immensely grateful to

these two strangers

for stopping.



We hijacked their entire day and

they just kept saying,

"Well this is the right thing to do...

You see someone

in need and you can help them,

you do it."

Despite spending FOUR hours

digging us out,

their biggest regret

was not being

more prepared.

They were like,

"We just took out that big shovel from the

back of the truck today!

If only we hadn't done that,

you'd be out in a jiffy."

Seriously! Are these folks for real!?!

They went on to say,

that they will now

always have a shovel

and tow hitch in the back of the truck

in case anyone else gets stuck.

Imagine that,

instead of being angry at the dummies

who ruined their day out,

these folks walked away

wanting to find ways

to be more helpful.

Besides breaking our care free from the snow (hoorah!)

the experience

broke something else free

in my heart.

I felt hope.

Hope for humanity.

Hope for kindness and kinship amongst strangers.

Something inside of me

was rekindled.

My heart started to remember

the things I had forgotten

in these dark, incomprehensible times.

This is the energy of a lighthouse.

A beam of light

through the darkness.

When it is the darkest is when

we need it.

There are people in your life

who need this right now.

They need hope and safety and support.

Who can you be a lighthouse for?

I can't help but wonder,

would I have done the same?

Would I have stopped?

Before last week, I might

have shrugged and said sorry.

Especially if I had a certain plan.

We need to set up our tent. We have a reservation.

I can't help you right now.

But, now, my lighthouse couple

inspired me to create my own

"help another human out" car kit.

And I am determined to pass

the light forward,


that is what

we humans do.



PS- I created a digital sound bath with the energetic signature of a lighthouse. It starts out very low and melancholy but then lifts into a beautiful harmony. Listen for free for the next week. Want more? Join our Membership Community

Image by: unable to find artist credit 😢 if you know who created this, please email me

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