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Wanna Miracle? | Jan 2021 Leo Full Moon Astrology

Cast your 2021 vision spell during the Leo Full Moon.

The Full Wolf Moon howls on

Thursday, Jan 28th 11:16 AM PST at 9 degrees of LEO

This full moon is packed with significant rhinestone WOW factor

as it rises on the stage of LEO the wild, howling lion.

Leo is



Heart Centered


Creative & Artistic

The galactic guardian of creativity, enchantment and abundance.

Leo adores the spotlight and fanfare without shame.

AND to make things even more MAGNIFICENT

let’s add a little Miracle energy.

Once a year, the ambitious Sun and fortunate Jupiter

get cozy together in the sky.

Astrologers call this the Day of Miracles as these

two emboldened superpowers

meld their luck and power energies together,

pitching open the doors of opportunity.

So, on this full moon bring out

the glitter confetti

and celebrate your unique

magnetic self.

Use this lunation of lion sized miracles to supersize your vision.

NOT just any old vision board, witch it up with herbs and spices.

This feline full moon softens the edges

of an otherwise

complex chart full of

competing rivers of tension, hard edges,

squares, territories, and division.

If you feel funky, tense, or a bit on/off, I’m clear/I’m confused again, that is very normal for this type of fickle energy.

It is likely to be very messy over the next four weeks...

The stars point to chaotic, polarizations, very harsh oppositions, a potential shift in the stock market and who knows what else.

Each of us needs to set our spiritual anchors in place.

Before the crazy.

Leo reminds us to move from the heart.

Drop your



Be in spiritual command by knowing where your center is.

As I mentioned before, Venus is the Great Sky Teacher for this year.

She is realizing many things during this particular lunation...

  • Her own worth, what she is entitled to now.

  • Her requirements, what is and isn’t acceptable now

  • And who and what is worth her time and energy.

Venus is feeling into her

inner authority.

Her integrity.


Venus is likely to spend this year examining the ROOTS of self-worth.

She is on assignment for the duration of this year as she investigates these concepts further.

To further celestial pow punch,

Venus will ALSO interact with Pluto on this very full moon.

It could be very sexy. Or very unsexy. With Plutos help, she will go deep into the laws of attraction, relationship patterns, and worthiness.

Pluto might be asking, where have you given your power away? Where have you limited yourself based on your perceived worth?

Her conversations with Pluto are uncomfortable and deep.

It can be jarring and painful but is also the remedy of healing and conscious expansion.

So, we’ve got a rambunctious chart with a lot of sparkling magnetism and lock-horns oppositions. 🤷‍♀️

It feels like an appropriately unique start

to a very


sort of year.



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