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Venus & Mars Walk Into A Bar... | July 2021 Mars Venus Conjunction

Venus Mars Conjunction Tuesday July 13th - 19 degrees Leo

Venus and Mars sky walk into a bar together.

This is their first meeting

since the era of Aquarius.

Venus is wearing a crisp bow tie and tails.

Mars is wearing a flowing floral dress.

The future thinking Aquarius bartender

has a impish grin, as they pour the next drink

knowing this is only the beginning of

a much bigger change.

Masculine and feminine descriptors are in need of a serious upgrade.

They don't fit where the future is going. Life has widened things.

Can we describe these two energies in a way that is genderless, non-hierarchical, and without a power differential?

How do we break free from the heteronormative ideas and

stereotypes around these two energies?

I've been trying on different new descriptors: inward / outward, active / receptive,

but they all still kind of sucked.

At our subscribers special event on the Tuesday, the very evening Venus and Mars met at the bar, I had a flash insight into a new way of exploring the energies:

a sunrise

and a sunset.

Mars is the sunrise energy, the start of the day, outward, growing, active, and expansive.

Venus is the sunset energy, settling, downward, inward, and calming.

I led everyone through a sunrise / sunset meditation combined with some special pranayama breathing techniques

to explore these energies in a

genderless and, hopefully, egalitarian way.

After the meditation, I played a brand new 25 min Venus & Mars Gong recording.

This recording is really different… it starts with a single solar plexus crystal bowl representing Mars followed by swirly Mars & Venus gongs and then ends with a single heart crystal bowl representing Venus.

Something about the simplicity of it is really effective.

Powerful. Deep.

It is said that when Venus and Mars meet up,

something brand new comes into existence.

A new idea, a new identity, a new understanding, a new creation.

The Venus / Mars meet up is less about chasing after your soulmate and

more about learning how

to love yourself well.

They are urging us to focus on

feeling whole and accepted

with and by


When I listened to the sound bath,

I felt something shifting around in my heart.

Something is trying to break free.

A scratch at the top of the outer shell.

I don't know what it is just yet, but I can feel that it's close to being free.

I plan on listening to the sound bath every day for the next week

and seeing what will be let loose.

Sign up for free here and listen for yourself.



PS- The new sunrise/sunset guided meditation was recorded and uploaded to the platform, along with all previous virtual workshops..

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