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Venus in Stilettos | Taurus Total Solar Eclipse 2022 Astrology

The Taurus Solar Eclipse on April 30th 2022

is a powerful beginning point.

It is an 11th hour that may

offer a surprise.

A gift.

Venus rules this Taurus Eclipse

and arrives



They are feeling elevated.



Venus is on their throne,

feeling hella good

about themselves,

who Venus is,

what they have learned,


how they have

evolved and changed.

Venus is alchemizing their power.

Venus is charging up right now,

and will receive more energy

during the next two weeks

than the entire year.

She is elevated.

On a friggin throne.

There are things within her that have shifted,

things she knows now that she didn’t know before,

and Venus is ready to honor and claim those shifts.

This Taurus Eclipse is readying Venus for action.

The stars have pulled the veil away

and you now see more of yourself

than ever before.

Parts of yourself you’ve never accepted,

parts that have been subverted or hidden,

are suddenly in view.






you see.

You actually,

like it.

No, not just like.

You love

what you see.

All of it.

And not just you,

others recognize and honor

these new parts too.

Venus has been

deeply reprogrammed over the past few years.

Their self-value and self-worth system

has changed

in ways that cannot be undone.

And now is the time to put the

new learnings into action.

To claim ownership of them

“Yes, this is me, this is what I like now,

THIS is how I value my time and energy.

I have the right of refusal.

I do not and will not always say yes.

I can and will say no to a job, a friend, a partner, an energy

that does not align with where I am going."

This Solar Eclipse is about claiming

ownership of your energy.

This is ME. This is what I need and want.

And in owning it, you can expand on it.

Magnetize more in that frequency.

Put a stake in the ground

that tells the world who you are now.

During the next week,

ready yourself for a

powerful new beginning point,

a place to start.

It is time to

transform these

recent changes

into something tangible.

Taurus wants firmness.



Taurus says, make it simple.

Make it peaceful and easy.

Gimme a foundation or I can’t build it.

The eclipse is intuitive, practical, and magical

which is why we planned our Level 1 Training to be on the Eclipse.

We always strategize with the stars.

If you are reading this, so can you.

So, there is an appetite for new beginnings

AND an equal appetite for endings.

YES… Venus conjunct Jupiter, Neptune and Mars

are STILL hanging out.

in Pisces.

OMG, are we are still talking about Pisces.

Haven’t you been talking about Pisces for weeks? YES!

Ugh. What does this mean?

There is a strong opportunity to

feel, sense, and let go of what is complete.

What has ended?

What is old and expired?

We have to

diligently clear out the old.

Completions and endings will continue for the next few weeks,

culminating with the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on May 15th.

This Taurus eclipse is intense,

and the next few weeks won’t let up.

The stars are like a till,

lifting and sorting the earth but

also disrupting and trampling our neat, perfect growing rows.

But, they will lead us to

a more peaceful time

with soil that has been

aerated and fertilized.

Soil that is perfectly ready

to be sprinkled with

glittery new seeds

from your


newly evolved heart.



Here are some ways to celebrate the 2022 Taurus Solar Eclipse

💜 Listen to a digital sound bath designed and recorded during eclipse season: The Sound & the Silence via our on-demand sound healing platform. Not a member? Try it out for $10 here

🎶 Take a step towards building a foundation of healing for yourself or loved ones via our Level 1 Training. The training is online and "live" as in Melissa is presenting the material live. There are no pre-recorded modules. AND, the summer training is on a Leo full moon (of course!). This training always sells out! Sign up here to get on the Waitlist.

🌬 ✨ Clear out the energetic clutter with a LIVE in-person Lunar Eclipse Sound Bath - tickets are here.

PS - I intentionally mix up the gender from she/he to they/them because I do not believe feminine energy is inherently "female" or vice versa. These energies are felt by all humans, regardless of sex or gender. I believe the cosmos is non-binary.

Image by: unable to find artist credit 😢 if you know who created this, please email me

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