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Traveling With Your Power | Scorpio New Moon 2021

Imagine, your ancestors are standing

near you.

Wearing sunglasses and colorful clothes,

they lean over and say,

Pssst. I have a secret for you.

Only you can know.

This week is BIG.

We can go deep right now.

There are big opportunities for karmic healing, support and advice.

For thousands of years both Samhain and Dia de Los Muertos

have believed that this week

is the most important of the entire year.

This is the week when our

Ancestors and Guides

lean in close

and whisper a secret to us.

They can give us information. Clues. Guidance.


as it so happens,

we also have TWO

celestial bonuses

with a New Moon in Scorpio


Sun EXACTLY opposing Uranus (which only happens once a year).

This is a big combo.

Uranus is connected to cosmic wisdom,

higher intelligence, and universal principles.

Another omen that this is a good time

to reach out


see what your ancestors or guides

have to tell you now.

Which is why I *had* to make this Sound Healing for Ancestors Course this year.

It is just too big to ignore.

Scorpio trusts its gut.

It works solely on intuition and doesn’t move if it isn’t sure.

Trust your instincts.

Trust yourself.

These signs say there could be a

burst of self-understanding.

A burst in self-awareness.


Some may be harsh.

There is an uncompromising aspect to Scorpio.

And with six planets in fixed signs, there is a stubbornness here.

But, use it to

your advantage.

What are you no longer willing to compromise on?

You could realize you have different values with certain friends or family,

you are not on the same page anymore,

and it is time to access whether this is really working for you.

The gift of Scorpio

is traveling with

your power.

Regardless of other

peoples opinions, choices, or values,

you don’t abandon yourself,

even if there are oppositional forces

challenging you.

This combo is creating an awakening

a revelation

a disturbance

in your own psyche

that you aren’t supposed

to hide from anymore.

The energies of transformation,



higher wisdom/ support systems

are all converging

this week.

The Ancestors are close.

Ask for help. They are here for you.

If forgiveness is needed, give it to them freely.

If apologies are needed, ask for them.

This is the moment to clear the lines and the karma.

I will be building my Ancestors altar and

casting my Ancestors spell tonight

but the window is open until Sunday, Nov 7th.

This year has such a strong energy,

a pull much stronger

than normal.

I feel like there is a deeper reason to

reach out to the ancestors

and spirit guides this year.

They have something important to tell us.

Some kind of secret, only they know.

Let’s see if they will tell us.

Sign up here to use sound, spells, and altars to find out.



PS: If you are already a subscriber to the online platform, you get access for FREE.

Wanna become a subscriber? Join up here.

Thanks to the amazing Molly McCord for her astro forecast, much of what is written here was inspired by her spot on readings.

Image by: unable to find artist credit 😢 if you know who created this, please email me

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