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The thin veil | Samhain Altar & Spellwork 2021

Samhain October 31st 2021,

Lunar Samhain November 1 - Nov 6 2021

The end of October marks the

Witches New Year

and celebration of Samhain,

pronounced “Sau-in”.

As the old year ends,

the final bounties of

the last harvest

are picked


the plants

begin their

retreat backwards,

dying to

prepare for the

coldest season.


is a cross-quarter sabbat

marking the midpoint


Fall Equinox


Winter Solstice.

It is thought of as

a magical

period of time

when the veil between

this world

and the next

is the


Our ancestors

come near

to offer

love, guidance,


and laughter.

They are close

and ready

to hear

our requests

for assistance, forgiveness,

healing, giggles,

and mischief.

As I researched this topic,

it seemed like on

one side of the witchy fence

this is

a time of darkness

and mourning,

loss and healing.

This is serious, ya’ll.

On the other side of

the witchy fence,

this is a

fun and celebratory time,

full of laughter,

story telling and joy.

Both are right.

To mourn is to

feel happy

sad at the same time. No?

Personally, this is a

special time for me.

For the past seven years,

I’ve honored my father

with an altar

sometime between

Halloween and the first week of November.

It wasn’t really planned,

it is one of those things

that just happened the first year

he passed away,

and kept happening

because it was a fun way to

remember and celebrate him.

I buy all of his favorite earthly treats,

aka diet pepsi (Ewwwww),

almond joy (the fave of elders),

hard boiled eggs, roasted beets,

and add trinkets

like his childhood toys,

his oober americana eagle belt buckle,

and a few other odds n ends

that remind me of him.

I fill the table with loads of purple flowers (his fave color)

and all my favorite

photos of him.

I tell him what is happening in my life and the things

I miss most about him and our friendship.

Some years,

I cry my head off and can’t seem to stop.


I smile and laugh the entire time.

For me,

it is a very

healing ritual.



I get to use my hands

and do something,

I get to mourn


make something.


I feel lighter,


Our ancestors from many

parts of the world

view this time of year

as special

for a reason.


If you’d like to try it this year,

the first rule is….

there are

NO rules

to honoring spirit.

You can honor any being you'd like,

in any fashion

that feels good

to you.

Here are some ideas:

  • Create an altar for your beloved pets, animals, spirit guides

  • For the earth and the healing she needs

  • Honor the land and the original people who lived on it

  • Call in ancestors you’ve known and/or ones you’ve never met.

You can add symbols, tarot cards, and candles.

Make it meaningful and special to you.

My one piece of advice is

it can be helpful

to feel a sense

of privacy around the creation of your altar.

Create it at a time when you can be alone

and commune with the past while feeling emotionally safe.

I prepare myself by meditating beforehand with this sound bath.

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Image by: unable to find artist credit 😢 if you know who created this, please email me

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