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The Emo Scorpio Total Lunar Eclipse | 2022 Astrology

The Scorpio Total Lunar Eclipse on Sunday May 15th at 9:15 pm pst

is super emo.

Full Moons are emotional.

Super Moons are super emotional.

Lunar Eclipses are emotional.

Total Lunar eclipses are super emotional.

Guess what!?! You get all 3 with this very watery, emotional eclipse.

Scorpio is an expert detective,

a researcher,

with the gift of digging

into our emotional world.

Scorpio has the

ability to be

brutally honest with yourself.

It points out where

we have been on auto-pilot

or operating out of fear.

Scorpio connects us to the transformation process.

Scorpio digs into

old patterns, old karma, and old dreams

so we can ask,

“Is this still me?

Is this going to help me get to where I am going to now? ”


have changed

and that is okay.

Karma isn't something we carry forever,

we live it out,

learn from it,

and graduate to the next lesson.

Forever Conscious says, "Under this Eclipse,

we may find ourselves reaching a completion point,

feeling called to wrap up loose ends, or

put an end to things that are no longer serving us".

Deep down, what is friggin done?

What is complete with

a big, fat, “I get it”

exclamation point!!

Because there is an undeniable energy

of knowingness

with these complete lessons.



They clearly and undeniably

no longer fit into our future.

They have ceased resonating

or aren't connecting emotionally.

The two most important words for weekend are:

purge and promise.

Think of a plant that is struggling

to keep dying leaves alive

but also has a few new leaves at its base.

When we prune

the dead leaves,

we reduce the energy load

on the plant and

relieve it of

the burden

of trying to bring

these passed leaves

back to life.

The plant no longer has to

invest energy

into something that is

already gone.

We can experience

the same thing


When we reduce,


and take a brutally honest look

at ourselves,

we can purge the things

that no longer fit

and make space

for the promise

of something new.

New relationships.

New roads.

New karma to untangle (yes, it never ends).

With less energy waste,

we can move more energy into

our true calling,

our current value system,

what we want now,

what we need now.

Saturn is offering the

super power

of detachment.

We an see it all,

without over-reacting or self-punishment.

There is a lot of supportive energy

for genuine clarity.

Go with what clicks.

You already know everything

you need to know.

Purge leads to


Where there is new space,

the universe will fill it.



Rituals & Ideas for the 2022 Total Lunar Eclipse

🌝 Emotions are HIGH right now, let's tone it down with some Saturn practicality listen to Saturn gong here The Sound & the Silence via our on-demand sound healing platform. Not a member? Try it out for $10 here

🌚 There is an energy of a no-nonsense Spiritual Leadership to this Blood Moon Eclipse. Where have you hid from your purpose? Maybe you've always wanted to be a sound healer but fears have kept you from pursing it.

Use the Scorpio Moon to overcome the fear and sign up for the LAST Level 1 of 2022!

🌬 ✨ Get your groove on with a LIVE Sound Bath Lunar Eclipse Sound Bath - tickets are here.

🍁 Try this simple Purging Beltane Ritual 🍁

Two Tall Candles

1 Firesafe Container

2 narrow, long pieces of paper & a pen


Beltane (pronounced Bee-all-teh-neh) is the druid fire festival celebrated May 1 - 5th and marks the beginning of summer. Traditionally, two bonfires were lit and animals were paraded between the two fires as a rite of protection and purification of negative energies.

Light two tall candles. Create a passage way between them. Close your eyes and imagine how it would feel to walk between two bonfires on a beach. If that feels like a stretch, think of a time you felt the power of walking between two large trees. There is a lot of power in portals, in gateways.

Imagine you are partaking a cleansing passage between two fires. The one on your right purges all that is complete, all that is old and stale. The one on your left expands and ignites all your new dreams.

Write down the two or three important things that must be purged. Whenever you're ready, take the paper and carefully set it on fire with the right candle and then put it in your fire proof container and watch it burn. As the flames consume your words, visualize that pattern transforming as the smoke rises. Visualize it leaving your energy fields for good.

Whenever you're ready, repeat:

I complete this pattern. I purge this from my being with finality. I am safe. I am loved. I have guardians. I surrender to my path. I let this go and feel lighter. This sacred fire burns and purifies old energy, consuming it, and transforming it into something new.

With your second piece of paper, write down two new dreams or wishes you want to go forward with. Fold it up and place it near the candle on the left. Imagine this energy is igniting your dreams and carrying them upwards.

Whenever you're ready, repeat:

I am bold and ready to blaze a new trail. I am supported. I am loved. I have guardians. I move towards what calls me now. This sacred fire ignites and expands my next step forward.

If there is ash leftover, bury it or throw it away. Do not keep it near your house.

Image by: unable to find artist credit 😢 if you know who created this, please email me

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