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The Cosmic Library | Astrology for Aug 2021

We've got a few more weeks left in

the fiery, fixed sign of Leo

and, yet,

I'm hella feeling Leo's cosmic neighbor,

Virgo, the next sign over.

This is likely due to a planetary trio in Virgo this week:

Mercury, Mars, and Venus.

With three personal planets in Virgo,

we get a chance to focus, solidify, and look for improvements.

There is a quiet, hush

to the cosmic energy right now,

almost like a library.

When you enter a library, you immediately feel

a penetrating, comforting quiet.

It is calm, full of knowledge and resources,

and a concentrated focus.

In the hush of the library

there are a new dialects, new stories,

and new introductions to be made.

The cosmos is offering up cosmic introductions with

new guidance available, new energies to work with,

and new personal guides.

There could be a total change-over in your personal guidance system.

Perhaps there is a new guide waiting for you, nose in a book,

nestled in the couch on the second floor?

If you haven’t introduced yourself to an animal, spirit, or nature guide,

find a silent corner in the library and say hello.

This strong introduction energy,

applies to our personal network too.

What or who do you want to meet?

What or who are you ready to open up to in a new way?

We've got new energetic standards now.

These new energy standards that

you are adhering to in your life

are now governing what you look for in others.

This changeover energy goes beyond spiritual guides

and into our personal relationships.

If certain relationships or connections, even long standing ones,

no longer feel like a good fit

to your energy standard,

it's time to bless them and give the energy a chance to move on.

Getting clear about who/what is resonating and

who/what isn't without guilt or shame

helps the closing energy

stay stable and move on more easily.

People need chances to move on

and so does energy.

Energy wants to be free so it can reconnect with the right people.

Cutting the cords on toxic drains, people, memories, places,

can help us keep

energetic integrity

in our lives.

That is a good word to focus on in the next few weeks:

energetic integrity.

So, if forgiveness is needed, give it.

If a new standard needs to be imposed on who you will or won’t swipe right on, do it.

Be discerning.

Make a firm plan that aligns with your newest standard.

Clear out,



and make space

for the Universe

to deliver

into it.



Image by: Norvz Austria

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