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The Changing of the Guards-North Node in Gemini 2020

North and South Node Change to Gemini/Sagittarius

The North node and south node are our collective navigators,

they represent where we are headed together

and what must be disposed of to go forward.

Cycling through the zodiac every 18 years and remaining in one sign for about 18 months. The last time these two were in these signs was 2001.

They are moving from the stubborn,

painfully slow, possessive,

Taurus/Capricorn Axis

to the air-based, full throttle,

mobile, open,

all directions,


Gemini/Sagittarius Axis.




aren't the

only ones

moving into

air signs.

In December, many other planets will fall suit and move to air signs, including Jupiter and Saturn.

You are probably thinking, who really cares?!? So what.


Those two planets haven't lined up together in an air sign for

essentially 600 years!!

600 years.

And when they line up in Aquarius, they will kick off a 200 year air sign marriage.

So, the fact the North and South Node, our collective navigators

are also in an air sign now

intensifies the opportunities.

What kind of opportunities?

Amuse me by allowing me to explain it via a dream I had two nights ago.

I was on a river, not on a boat or swimming in it, it was one of those surreal dreams where you have the POV of something.

And I was a river.

The river flooded with a great surge of water.

BUT...instead of going up over the banks

it magically surged vertically

as if it had glass on either side,

and shot up high, in between the trees.

I spotted an old brick bridge ahead.

and was filled with

"Oh, I got this" feeling.

"Oh, yeah. I was born for this. YES! I've been waiting for this. Get me on that bridge"

I was SO pumped!!

The river was so high vertically,

the bridge




The river made it so easy.

I made eye contact with a man who was crossing the bridge,

he stared at me in disbelief and intrigue

as he saw me bracing for the jump.

He couldn't stop looking at me. Puzzled.

and I couldn't stop looking at him.

Right as I took the leap,

we were both smiling.

This is the kind of opportunity

swell that is out there.

It is nimble,

it is surging

you upwards to

your next step.

The entire universe is conspiring

to elevate you

to your


The potential is high

for us all

to finally graduate,

break free of the confines of

societal rules,

out of subjective and social conditioning,

belief systems,



our own beliefs,


and new systems.

Every day,

are forced

to lean into our own internal compass

and decide what we believe,

what we value, and what we trust.


Our trust button is flashing a lot lately, especially with the nodes change,

it is trying

to signal to us

what feels

right and

what doesn't.

Our inner navigator is constantly nudging us


the graduation direction.

We all remember the first night alone, away from our parents/guardians.

Total Freedom.

Ben and Jerry's as often as I want!

Sleeping in! Nobody to tell me how my room looks or what I should be eating.

NO rules.

Wait. Oh, my god. No rules. Now what?

It is exhilarating, new and scary.

With all the air signs coming up, the no/new rules world is where we are headed.

...and, yet, so many of my friends

come up with another 50 reasons

why they shouldn't listen to their intuition.

Many of us ignore our inner navigator and stall our truth,

for the last five years. Or ten years.

Truth: Quit that job. (Mind says: it's a horrible job market. Heart says: I'm having a mental breakdown if I stay one day longer but I think I said this very thing last year too)

Truth: Go to acupuncture school (Mind says: your too old, it's too expensive, it is too late. Heart Says: I've wanted this for so long. I love this stuff!)

The stars are about to make pretty darn uncomfortable to not pursue your truth.

Trust me.

if you disregard,

if you detach,


or escape,

it will be much worse.

Stay in the game.

Become more fearless and trust that the timing is perfect.

This graduation is a massive up leveling,

it is unstoppable and

spiritually made.


Soak that in.

It is spiritually made, not man-made, not billionaire made, nor politically made but

spiritually made

with all the divine


and timing to

pull it off.

Because no matter how it may feel right now,

the train is moving forward.

It is surging ahead into a field of flexible possibilities.

Toss out any restrictive

negative beliefs.

There is no room for them in this future.

Lighten the load

and get on board.

Relax, give your fear up to the greater planner,

and make the easy jump.

I'll wait for you at the bridge.

With love,



Question to Reflect On

  • As you look back, where might you have left your truth behind?

  • When did you stop trusting yourself? How? Why?

  • What is your heart still tugging at? Move closer to this.

  • What exhilarates you? When you think about a river surging you up and forward toward a new goal, what does it look like?

Remind yourself:

  • Give your fear to the Great Planner.

  • Trust yourself and move forward.

  • Retrace your steps and see what you might have missed.

Your mantra is:

  • Placing my life in the hands of Spirit, Is the only way I can relax, Trusting that the truth will be shown, For all to see, at last.*

*Mantra and much of this piece was inspired by one of my all time favorite astrologers, Kaypacha

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