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Sure. Show Up in a Meat Suit 🌟 Leo New Moon July 2022

This Thursdays, July 28th 2022

New Moon in Leo is a



It wants what it wants

without apology.

Leo New Moon

shows up to a party

wearing rhinestones and

a meat suit.



Bold n Sassy.

It is asking you

What is raising you up right now?

What are you ready to go for that you’ve always been afraid of?

What do you want but have been afraid to ask?

This New Moon

energy is unstoppable.

Which is why I chose

this weekend for our

final Level 1 Training of the year.

This moon has a special combo

of support, discipline,


and courage to

really go for

something big.

This moon wants you to….

take a RISK


Make a gamble on

something bigger than big.

To take action.

Be brave.

Whatever wave length

we set this week

is the one that will

set the line

for months to follow.

Energy that has been locked up

in a traffic jam

is going to break free.

Expect surprise ideas and new inspiration.

You could end up taking a left turn

instead of a right.

There could be new messages,

a change of plan,

a lightning strike of clarity.

The month is building to

a rare Mars, North Node, Uranus

conjunction in Taurus.

The last time these

three lined up

was 1855.

Sooo, awhile ago.

It could be a very interesting few weeks.

More on that next week!



Image by: unable to find artist credit 😢 if you know who created this, please email me

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