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Total Lunar Eclipse 2022 Astrology & Sound Healing: Why it is so GOOD!

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Inner Sounds Blog: Sound Baths with a sprinkle of Astrology

Sooo, yesterday at our Members Lunar Livestream


LIVE online

for our membership sound healing community.

And not just any ol' gongs.

Planetary Gongs that match the stars.

First...Let's Talk About the ENERGY & THEMES of the 2022 Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

Before I get into the gongs, let's talk about the ENERGY and THEMES of the 2022 November Lunar Eclipse. Right now, there are 7 planets and points interacting with the Lunar Eclipse.

We've got Team Taurus with the Moon, Uranus and North Node


Team Scorpio with the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and South Node.

Last night at our monthly Lunar Livestream, I played FIVE of these planetary Gongs:

Venus Gong

Mercury Gong

Uranus Gong

Full Moon Gong


Saturn Gong

This Lunar Eclipse energy is GREAT for the next two weeks making this weekend a GREAT moment to set aside time to meditate and listen to THIS sound bath here.

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OK, so what OPPORTUNITIES does this 2022 Nov Lunar Eclipse Astrology have to offer?

Taurus is Focused on Your Foundational Energy

Let's start with Taurus, the sign that rules this eclipse.

Taurus is about FOUNDATION ENERGY.

When we think of our foundation as a human being,

what is MORE foundational than our ability

to love and accept ourselves.

That seems fundamental, right?

What did you learn about love and self-acceptance as a child?

What did you learn about self-worth as a child? How was it earned?

Maybe your worth or love was earned through good behavior or

by working hard.

Did you feel seen, emotionally supported and accepted?

Most likely, if you are reading this post- you did not feel seen or accepted.

Maybe your original caretakers did not show love in a way that you understood or vice versa.

Right now, this 2022 Nov Lunar Eclipse Astrology

has the magic ability

to look backwards

and see what messages

or conditioning you learned

without it feeling charged with




or fear.

Scorpio Wants to DIG into Your Sub-Conscious Patterns

Scorpio, the sign opposite to Taurus where the Sun resides,

is helping us to investigate

any sub-conscious patterns that we

play out again and again

around the themes of self-love, acceptance, and worthiness.

As you look at the scope of your life,

you may notice patterns that appear again and again.

Scorpio wants to know,

where have you unconsciously disempowered

your own self-love, self-acceptance or self-worth

and how has that impacted your life choices?

How have you unconsciously disempowered

your own love for yourself?

This 2022 Nov Lunar Eclipse Astrology is

a time of DRASTIC reprogramming.


You can see the patterns, the fears very clearly and practically.

And activate new values going forward.

There is a sense of ownership arising.

Yes, this happened to me, this was the result of limited emotional maturity and parenting.

And, now what do I want to do about.

Venus is emerging with a new sense of power and worth.

She says, I am worth this, I can create this into core energy, I am valuable.

She wants you to OWN your self-worth in all areas of your life.

In your work, your career, your energy, your creativity, your contributions, your truth.

Venus wonders....

What IF I lived my truth and loved from an empowered place,

how would it feel if this new value was activated?

Meanwhile Saturn is Obsessed with Making a Plan

Saturn is standing over all these planets

and doing a serious STARE DOWN.

Saturn is squaring ALL 7 planet and points in this 2022 Nov Lunar Eclipse Astrology and saying OK, you can see your patterns clearly, now what is your plan?

What are you going to do about it?

What direction do you now want to go and how are you going to get there?

Is forgiveness needed?

Is acceptance needed for those that hurt you or for yourself?

Are emotional boundaries needing to be reinforced?

What is YOUR PLAN?

So, what did the gongs have to say last night during our Members Lunar Livestream??

I could tell you OR

you could listen for yourself here.

This 2022 Nov Lunar Eclipse Astrology energy is STILL potent for the next two weeks,

making this weekend and next ideal

for reprogramming.

As a member, you get access to tons of

on-demand sound baths

recorded and mixed by a team of professionals.

PLUS you get one livestream every month.

Don't want to deal with another subscription? I feel you. Ugh, I even have a subscription for running shoes. It's like HOW many of these do we need in our lives?

Try THIS option: Our 3 month pass is on $ALE right now and DOES NOT auto-renew.

What did the Gongs Have to Say About this 2022 Nov Lunar Eclipse?

Okay, so when I play the gongs in a sound bath, I often get downloads based on the patterns and sounds the gongs. This is common for intuitive sound healers.

here is what they had to say...

First, all FIVE planetary gongs (Venus Gong, Mercury Gong, Uranus Gong, Saturn Gong, and the Moon Gong. BTW I try to de-gender all gongs by using "they" pronoun) were playing excitedly, they were happy, vibrant, and buoyant. Listen to the recording here.

Not a member yet? Try it out for 3 months

This means for most of us, this is a very positive time period for self-growth and change.

Saturn Gong & Venus Gong

Saturn Gong showed up militantly - they were like WHAT IS THE FRIGGIN PLAN. Marching energy. Urging energy.

Saturn Gong said, I am ready to march for you, where do you want to go?

You saw the map of how you got here, what is your next move?

What is your six month plan?

Venus Gong was shining and swimming in light energy. They were decoding light fields, skimming across the pond like a happy stone. There was a feeling of joy and self-love with ease.

It was quite magical, light, and ethereal. I've played Venus Gong for ten years and they

had a few moments of pure originality, which is saying something.

When I hear something new from a Gong, I pay ATTENTION!

Mercury Gong

Finally, Mercury Gong was definitely wanting us to stay in our truth.

Communicate it from a grounded place of acceptance, forgiveness, and compassion for yourself and others.

Mercury Gong had a lot of pauses which signals to WAIT. Do not be impulsive.

Eclipses are a time of strong, tumultuous feelings and we may be hurting.

Do not turn your hurt onto others. Stop, wait, listen, and process.

To Recap: Final Thoughts on 2022 Nov Lunar Eclipse Astrology

Over the next two weeks is your opportunity to dig in and make important changes around your self-worth, sense of worthiness, your value, your self- acceptance and self-love.

LISTEN to this sound bath which is the EXACT frequency match to the 2022 Nov Lunar Eclipse astrology. Listening to the planetary gongs will synchronize your energy field with that of the Lunar Eclipse making it EASY for insights, intuitive downloads, and all sorts of healing to appear.

Just think all you gotta do is lay back and listen. No thinking. No doing. No journaling. Just listen to the frequency of the planets and your energy field and brainwaves will automatically align. Easiest healing in the world.

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