Sooo that is how it is gonna be, huh? | Full Moon Gemini & late Dec Astrology 2021

Gemini Full Moon + Solstice + Venus Conjunct Pluto + Lots of other Stuff

The universe has decided to punctuate

the end of the year

with a row of friggin exclamation points!

I’ve gotten a ton of emails and texts asking

about the stars over the past week. People are like,

Without going into boring details, let’s

just say a lot.

This past week has been quite a doozy.

The stars say, it is likely that some kind

of cancellation

or major disappointment

has happened in the last

week or so.

Some kind of ouch!

Something has happened

that is frustrating

and unexpected

and forced you to change plans.

Some of us are feeling




Out of sorts.

With the BIG full moon energy waning,

it is likely you will start to feel a

bit more like yourself in the coming days.

As the Northern Hemisphere heads into Winter Solstice,

this is a specially charged three day window,

where we are given a


to resource

and reset.

The sun is at it's lowest in the It is a nice time to light candles,

take a long bath with rosemary sprigs,

bring nature in with evergreens or head out for a nature hike.

During the next three days,

change the focus

to your own


and emotional

health needs.

Invest more time in reinforcing and fueling your own

triangle of health.

In the triangle of health,

each side

represents a set of needs:

our spiritual needs,

our physical needs,

and emotional needs.

The triangle is


each side

is equal

and equally important

to the other.

Giving your triangle of health

some attention right now is vital.

Does your triangle of health

feel balanced



What might be needed to re-stabilize it?

Venus conjunct Pluto twice in two weeks due to a retrograde.

A conjunction occurs when two planets are at the same degree in the sky.

Venus is going through a deep renovation.

She wants you to discover what and who creates stability and

where do you feel in command?

Venus in Capricorn is about requirements.

What do you require to be in relationship?

As she retrogrades, she will likely run over terrain

you’ve seen before.

Been there, done that kind of bs.

People, scenarios, situations, old lovers

may reappear in your life

for you to practice

your new values


It is a great time to re-evaluate

your relationships and put up new boundaries.

Venus is also about pleasure and comfort,

but when theye moves retrograde,

those things can be harder to find.

For some of us, this coincides with the holidays, which

can be awkward and difficult to begin with.

Try to stay out of old habits.

Remind yourself,

there are things you

know about yourself


that you didn’t

know about yourself two years ago.

The universe is giving you chances

this week

to remember this.

There is also a lot of wonderful Jupiter energy pouring in right now.

It is visionary,

and wants to see how the pieces come together

and how to make it whole.

Forward thinking energy

with a focus on the long term.