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Settling & Letting Go | Astrology for 2021 Virgo Season

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

As a part of Virgo Season, I do a yearly cleansing ritual and

go through my entire house,

piece by piece,

object by object


let things go.

One of the hardest things for me to let go of

is paper.

Old cards, collage bits n pieces, magazines, weird things I’ve collected,

antique photos and journals.

My journals aren’t really journals

they are more of a haphazard mix of ideas, goals, business notes,

classes, experiences and personal stuff.

Normally, I go through about 1 to 1.5 a year.

I noticed for 2020,

I went through 4 journals.

Four times more than usual which seems

appropriate because

it has felt like I've


four lifetimes

in one year.

The 2020 journal began with blind, giddy excitement,

In HUGE letters

“Hellllllo 2020!”

Two journals later,

in HUGE letters,

it was

“2020. Wow! What a fucking year.

The year of uneven terrain.”

Uneven terrain.

We’ve been shaken




And our nervous system is still

integrating all the changes.

As much as I really really really want it to be over,

it isn’t “over” 😢

Things are still settling,

they are working there way

toward the bottom.

I find myself needing to remind myself

that is natural

to feel tired





and all in between.

We’ve gone from euphoria

to dread

to hope

to not sure.

Give yourself some grace.

You’ve traveled through

four lifetimes in one year too.



PS: During our members virtual equinox event on Wed Sept 22, I will be talking more about the themes of fall and what to do to prepare for a rough astrological winter.

Image by: Julien Pacuad

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