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Second Chances | June 2021 Gemini Solar Eclipse

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse happens on June 10, 2021 at 3:53 a.m. Pacific Time at 19°47’ of Gemini.

Solar eclipses set off a 12 week manifestation window.

In Tibet, they considered Solar Eclipses to be an auspicious day where your intention

is magnified 10,000 times.

Your ability to manifest is at it's height right now.

You may not know exactly how or why

but your intuition is trying to guide

you into the right direction.

Maybe you'd like to manifest your soul mate? I am going to write a piece on that next week.

Or perhaps you'd like to finally take the plunge and get that yoga certification or go back to to school?

Maybe you'd like to finally learn how to heal yourself and others with sound? We've got a special eclipse discount through this weekend - $100 off.

What has been nagging at you for awhile? It is time to move closer to it.

These windows don't stay open forever,

they burst open in a flurry and close just as quickly.

This eclipse is a bizarre brew

with a mix of sprinter energy and flash insights

and a bursting forward

of a plan, an idea, an insight, a desire.

And, yet….

there are several aspects to this chart

that indicate

plenty of planets are

applying the brakes.

The tension between these two opposing energies,

can lead to

feelings of exhaustion and tiredness.

Don't be surprised if you have a distinct need to REST this week.

Personally, I am really feeling exhausted and

am needing

a lot of down time to

process these big skies.

I am intentionally scheduling rest and am committed to listening to the Lunar Sound Bath every day this week. It is called Sound & Silence, you find it on our online healing platform, check it out here.

Back to the chart, Mercury, the technology trickster,

is in retrograde until the 22nd

and rules this eclipse which is in Gemini.

My friend, I am not a superstitious astrologer,

I don't freak out and think

"Mercury is in retrograde


but I've heard enough reports from friends to know

this particular retrograde has a strong influence.

And, with Saturn and Uranus

clashing swords on the 14th,

it feels like things could get messy.

So, Mercury Fear Mongerer Melissa advises you to:

  • Back up your computers and phones. No messin.

  • Make sure you have a handle of your financials, download statements, etc, know what is where and get a firm grip on what you have

  • Keep an eye on the stock market

  • Don't sign any long term contracts

  • Forego sudden moves and impulsive decisions. wait. be patient.

Retrogrades give us a chance to see things for a second time.

We get a natural


a second chance

with more clarity and information.

Think of this Mercury Rx Gemini infused eclipse as an intentional new start.

A post-covid re-brand of yourself.

With every retrograde, Mercury passes the sun, travels ahead to gather information and then reports back to the sun what it has learned.

What have you learned over the past year that needs to be applied now? What scenarios are coming up that test your knowledge? What choices are you making as these scenarios appear?

I mentioned this is an abnormal eclipse in the sense

most of the time

eclipses, especially solar eclipses,

speed up, they accelerate change,

and, yet, this eclipse

has a signature of an imminent slow down.

Neptune is telling us we may not know the whole story yet.

Something might dissolve before

something else emerges.

Take it easy.

Trust in the timing.

Enjoy what shows up day by day.

Mercury is all about choices.

Make choices that are at your frequency, not beneath it.

Try to stay out of overwhelm

and mental chatter.

Gemini is a mental divergent sign,

it is quick, speedy and agile.

It adds creativity to our lives

by seeing things from multiple perspectives.

Get up onto your eagles perch

and see what you see when you

are higher up.



PS- Wanna cultivate a higher heart octave? Our Sound Healing for Self-Compassion Mastery Course is 50% off through this weekend.

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