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Sagittarius Full Moon June 2022 🌝 Inner Sounds Astro Insights

Strawberry Full Moon in Sagittarius ♐️

Oh full moon in Sagittarius!

Shrouded by Neptunian fog,

activated by Saturn, Mars, and Chiron,

this Strawberry Moon is


and energized,


and dazzled.

Sagittarius is

known as the truth teller.

Ruled by Jupiter and

characterized as an archer with an aim for truth,

Sagg adventures onwards

to distant lands

to learn the bigger truth.

The truth that

that is outside

of themselves.

Outside of what they know.

But… the truth isn't always what it seems is it?


the truth can be a little


A spoonful of cough syrup

it might be good for you

but is not very tasty.

Being sure to tell the truth to others

and yourself is a big theme of

this moon.

Staying aligned with your values

even if it means admitting a failure or mess up

is part of this lunar medicine.

Good news, with Jupiter, Mars, and Chiron

are all hanging in Aries,

the cosmos are encouraging

a new adventure,

to start something fresh.

They are pushing us up the hill

so we can see the fireworks.


wherever you are heading next

needs to be tethered

in your own belief system.

You cannot be tricked into

old patterns, denial,

or doubt.

With Chiron and Mars

on the EXACT same degree point,

it would be wise to heed

impulsiveness and impatience,

especially ones that

take the shape of an

old relic in your past.

Do not be tempted by bad habits.

Be weary of unconsciously

falling into old patterns or old wounds.

Keep an eye on your body

and how your energy works,

and make choices that reflect

your current needs,

not your past.

The illusionist, Neptune

is highly active in this chart,

making sure to


and confuse us.

This way or that way?

The sea magician

casts its veil over this moon.

Things may be hard to communicate.

We may have doubt.

But, why?

Why does Neptune bewilder us?

Because, it forces

us to dig deeper

into our own intuition.

The planet of illusion and confusion

is also the planet of

imagination and spiritual leadership.

These veils are cast

so we can step

out of what other people think

and into our own authenticity.

Follow the naggin hints.

Notice what is arriving.

Many things are arriving full circle.

I've had a record number of people

suddenly realize,

just this week...

"Ohhhhh yeah, I did want to take sound healing training.

That has been burning in the background

since 2020. I think I'll sign up!"

Sagg is the grand adventurer,

the global nomad

who never stops learning

and never stops being curious.

Summarized from the Astrotwins,

"Sagittarian energy wants us to join in the conversation,

make mistakes, learn and

be active

in the global injustices of our times.

It is easy to shut down for fear of saying the wrong thing

but that stops the learning process from even beginning.

Be aware of each other's world, self-educate about your privilege.

Before spouting off what you think is true,

make sure you've investigated all sides."

And as ever sure with all astrology signs,

Saggitarrius also reminds us to enjoy

the flip side of the coin.

Paradox is the middle name of all.

To relax and find joy.

Stop taking everything so seriously and

have fun with your motley crew.

To find delight in the world of shadow.



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PPS- this post was inspired by Astrotwins, Forever Conscious, and Magic of I.

PPPS- I am pretty sure I was heavily influenced by the fairies during this post after reading this very dense book.

Image by: unable to find artist credit 😢 if you know who created this, please email me

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