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retrogrades galore + full moon in scorpio May 2020

Updated: May 6, 2020

"I'm backing up. Estoy retrocediendo." Backing up to move forward with a Super Full Moon in Scorpio and four planets retrograding.

Super Full Flower Moon in Scorpio plus Retrograde City

arrives at a time where



more time


with ourselves

than ever.

We've likely seen into ourselves in ways that we hadn't before.

The secrets, the imperfections, the cliches, the neurosis

but we've also

tuned into what we can tolerate

and what we won't.

What is acceptable now

and what isn't.

Some of us are reaching a breaking point, in our jobs, in our faith in the government, in our relationships, in ourselves


we are seeing the truth more clearly. And that ain't easy.

Listen to me when I say,

Breaking points

are always

Break through points.

Karma is swinging its hammer

harder than ever before,

trying to straighten

the frame of the picture.

Scorpio is known for sex, taboo, and secrets

but it was originally ruled by Mars,

and is all about

unearthing your grit.

It says:

If you are standing in a pile of shit, then move.

Scorpion energy isn't about being nice or pretending,

it's about being honest.

It learns through conquering fears,

and doing the hard work

of mining deep into the core of our being.

What a strange time for Scorpion energy? It's like, really? Are you joking?

I gotta go more inward? Jesus.H.

I've gotta be honest,

this feels like the absolute last

thing I feel like doing.

How inconvenient, Universe!

You want us to dig deeper?? We've been alone with ourselves for months, unearthing so many longings, desires, flaws, and imperfections.

With this massive slow down, our current selves and current lives,

have been under a magnifying glass.

And with that, comes a lot of detail,


and clarity.

We've caught a glimpse of what clear skies look like and, perhaps, a completely different lifestyle.

As I was closing the door to our recording room, a poster fell off the back of it. I had forgotten about it. It was the 2020 plan we made in March, right at the beginning of this shut down.

I looked at it briefly and laughed out loud,

because it was way offffff. This plan might as well been written 100 years ago.

I crumbled it up and stomped on it while thinking f-that plan which felt surprisingly therapeutic.

Those 2020 plans are as obsolete as the person who made them.

We are different than we were at the beginning of the year.

Follow the

Scorpio gut instinct and the backward motion of the stars (try 4 retrograding planets and 5 by the beginning of June plus a lunar eclipse, Yikes!),

and use this next month

to reflect, reject, and recalibrate

to fine-tune the new.

The new plan. The new self that likes new things. New dreams. Freedom is closer, and, not just leave-the-house freedom. Real freedom. Freedom of your spirit.


What do during this month of never-ending retrogrades?

  • Grab those old journals and seek out the patterns.

  • When have you hesitated?

  • What are you still working through? See if this new view on yourself can offer some tasty insight.

  • Write out your goals you had in mind at the beginning of the year or find where you stashed your resolutions. Rip it out of your journal and crumple it up, and then stomp it.

Remind yourself:

  • We don't go backward to keep going backward, we go backward to go forward.

  • Easy does it with this lunation, it is not easy.

  • Reflect, reject, refine, and recalibrate (our next workshop).

  • Trust that this tumultuous time will transcend fear and help you move forward.

Your mantra is:

  • I'm backing up. Estoy retrocediendo. I'm backing up so I can go forward*

With love,


*the idea Estoy retrocediendo was provided by the astrologer, elsa elsa, in her last newsletter. it's a cute read, check it out.

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