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Harvesting Dreams | Pisces Full Moon Sept 2021

Tonight we celebrate the Harvest Moon in Pisces at 4:54 PM PST

It is the perfect time

to think about your harvest

of realized dreams.

It is easy to forget

the little dreams

that have realized

over time.

In a culture

that constantly


on the next thing

it is easy

to forget

the thing that

*just* happened.

We get fixated

on the future.

The Harvest Moon

reminds us to



What dreams have been realized?

And by dreams,

I invite you to

deconstruct or, perhaps, reconstruct

may be a better word,

what our “dreams” means.

Dreams sort of implies BIG things. BIG stuff.

But, what IF we micro'd it down and thought about our dreams on smaller terms?

What smaller details and qualities

might appear in our harvest?

Per Moon Witch themselves, Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

“This week, as we soak

in the energy of the Harvest Full Moon & Equinox,

I invite you to

recognize the realized

dreams all around you.

Remember when you


what you have now.

These aren’t only material: dreams

require patience, discipline, hope, imagination,

and magical


cultivated over many years.”

Dreams can be qualities

we’ve cultivated over a long period time.

It is hard to write pieces like this

because many of us are underemployed, unemployed, dealing with chronic illness or abuse, the list is endless.

Many of us are struggling.

We have a lot of valid reasons to feel stressed and worried

for the future.

It is very difficult

to get above the surface of the now

and see the long term.

I invite you to

take a few steps back.

Can you look at

the long view?

When you move away from

the immediate present

what do you see?

What qualities have been cultivated over a longer period?



Magical Assistance exactly when you need it

Ability to Ask for Help

What did you want before that you have now?

My current world is very foggy with bouts of mild depression.

For the first time in years, I don’t see a clear future which

doesn’t feel good.

But, when I step back, out of the fog,

I see

many amazing qualities and tiny dreams realized





Sometime in the next few days,

make a list of, “Oh yeah, I did that!” and include qualities as well as small things.

Challenge yourself by asking, what is the tiniest dream that has actualized?

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Image by: wasn't able to find artist, please email me if you know who made this beautiful image 😢

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