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Ready.Set.Go! Winter Solstice & Dec New Moon Astrology

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Inner Sounds Blog: Sound Baths with a sprinkle of Astrology

For the Solstice Lunar Livestream


LIVE online

for our membership sound healing community.

And not just any ol' gongs.

Planetary Gongs that match the stars.

Mercury Gong

Chiron Gong

Saturn Gong


Jupiter Gong

These planetary frequencies are joining together

at the end of the year to finalize our internal healing,

refine our truth, and

pursue BIG potentials.

During the sound bath livestream,

I received an image

from the Chiron Gong

of a golden arrow

zipping off

a tense quiver.

No target needed.

It was zooming through the air,

magnetized to its target.

The energy is so good in Jan-May 2023 you don't even need to aim.

As long as you are aligned with your truth,

an arrow shot in the dark

will land


where it needs to go.

It will find the target.

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First...Let's Talk About the ENERGY & THEMES of the Winter Solstice & Last Capricorn New Moon of 2022

Many of us were

forced to slow down

and tend to

our own internal healing

this year.

We spent some time in a fog,

not knowing where to step next.

It has been a complex year.

For the past 3 years, the stars have begun the calendar

year in a very rocky way.

Not good alignments.

Not good energy.

This year,

we have something different.





into place.

There will be a window of

accelerated opportunity and growth.

What OPPORTUNITIES does this 2022 Winter Solstice & Final Capricorn New Moon of the year have to offer?

Get Ready. Prepare Yourself for BIG ENERGY in 2023

There is what I call

ready-set-go energy

in the stars right now.

The end of the 2022 year

has a superpower.

There is a deep yearning to be


to lead a life that feels


and a feeling like

things are finally ready.

Energies have been




for the past year.

Starting and stopping.

You tried but it didn't quite work out.

You started healing with sound but, then, it fizzled out.

This start/stop energy is finally ending,

and the planets are offering BIG boons

for the choices

you commit to.

Commit to your New Yes

The universe is begging you to

make clear choices that

support your

NEW, authentic YES.

What is your YES now?

The stars say it has changed since last year.

Since two years ago.

There is an old self

and a new, much clearer self emerging.

One that knows what it wants

and how the future will look.

What is your NEW yes?

Say it out loud.

Say it to me by replying with one word or emoji.

Put it out in the world.

The stars want you to MAKE a plan.

We are in a cosmic window of future building

that will not stay open for long.

If you aren't feeling clear,

you probably have more to clear.

Pay attention to where

your energy

wants to go.

Be pragmatic and proactive

about what or who

is or isn't paying off.

This moment is about

critical alignment.

The Stars are Creating a Celestial Runway from NOW thru May 2023.

The January - May 2023 astrology is


rare and unique.

We will never see this type of energy again in our lifetime.

The planets are lining up,

giving us the Green Light to


Be in pursuit of your dreams.

This isn't a time to

delay, wait, or put off.

New energies are

arriving QUICK.

And they seek a brave,

aligned, WISE PLAN.

There is a maturity in these

Jan-May energies

that want us to pursue something

that will go the distance.

Know what you know.

And follow it with all you've got.

Still feeling not clear yet?

To Recap: Final Thoughts on 2022 Winter Solstice & Final Capricorn New Moon

Over the next two weeks is your opportunity to dig in, get clear on the lessons you've completed, and what you want to live into now.

LISTEN to this sound bath which is the EXACT frequency match to the Winter Solstice & Capricorn 2022 New Moon Astrology.

Listening to the planetary gongs will

synchronize your energy field with the

cosmic year end frequencies

making it EASY for insights, intuitive downloads, and all sorts of healing to happen.

Just think all you gotta do is lay back and listen. No thinking. No doing. No journaling. Just listen to the frequency of the planets and your energy field and brainwaves will automatically align.

Want to align with the first New Moon in January?

Get access to our Lunar Livestream by becoming a member.

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Happy Solstice & Last New Moon of the Year!



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