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Ready.Set. Build. | Astrology for 2021 Virgo Season

Welcome Virgo season, the easiest time to build a brand new personal power infrastructure

Amazing, hilarious astrologer Colin Bedell @queercosmos says,

“Let’s talk a bit about the Readiness Level.

We live in a culture that constantly asking ourselves:

what do I need to have

to do what I need to do

to be who I want to be?


who do I want to be

to do what I want to do

to have the results I want to see expressed?

Virgo season wisdom has lots of get out there and

make it happen energy

but it

means nothing

if you aren’t ready

for whatever it is that you are trying to make happen.

Say you want to make a professional goal happen?

Well, then you want to be the kind of person who understands

the power of habits for skill building and

relational intelligence at the workplace.

Say you want to be in a romantic relationship?

Then you want to be

a vulnerable, trustworthy, and open-hearted person.

Virgo season is asking us to build

a personal infrastructure

to hold the power of all that we want,

and to

proactively optimize emotional,


spiritual and behavioral health.

Read that list bit twice.

Virgo seasons

wants each of us to

build a personal infrastructure

to hold all the power

of all that we want.

The readiness factor

are the steel frames

of your personal

power infrastructure.

Virgo is excellent at getting us ready.

It is solid.


It wants us to build something lasting within ourselves.

This is the easiest time all year to build and attract

new habits in and for ourselves.

The key is to

ready your energy

at the same level

to whatever you want expressed.

For example, say you really want a romantic relationship,

and you make a list all the things you really wish for in a partner,

you could ask yourself,

how can I get myself ready for this type of energy and soul?

I’m guessing there are hella gaps in what

you want in a partner


how ready you are in yourself for those things you desire.

There was for me! It was a HUGE gap.

When I faced these gaps, made changes, and readied myself,

things really started to flow.

Right? If we close the gaps,

our life starts moving in a direction

toward what we want,

regardless of whether the *thing* actually happens.

If you want a partner that has great communication skills,

then you gotta become

the kind of person who is a great communicator and listener.

How? Well, take a class and read some books.

If you want a partner that is able to be vulnerable and open, you gotta

ask the same of yourself.

Is that vulnerable energy ready in you?

If not, how can you cultivate more vulnerability in your life with your friends.

If you want a partner that buys themselves flowers - you become the kind of person that buys yourself flowers.

Get it?? Ready your energy for what you want to follow.

The nice bit about Virgo’s self-sufficiency is that

even if it takes months or years for

things to manifest,


you are becoming

the kind of person

who leads

a more enriched and full life.

Image by: Julien Pacuad

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