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Power Down with Mars Retrograde

Unlock the secret powers of Mars Retrograde

In the Bay Area, I awoke on Wednesday to

a darkened bedroom,

with an orange eerie sky

and sunless chill.

It was dark.

So dark, the street lights were on all day.

You couldn’t see inside without the lights on - in the middle of the day.

There was a strong, unsettling feeling

that the apocalypse

was literally here.

On the day the sun disappeared and was replaced by an orange glow,

Mars, the red planet, went retrograde.

No coincidences this year. None.

Mars dances backwards only once every two years.

Mars stays in a sign for about six weeks.

When it goes retrograde, it can stay in one sign for as long as six months.

Mars retrograde period in Aries lasts from Sept 9- Nov 13th. Due to the retrograde, Mars will stay in its home sign of Aries in total from June 2020 - January 2021.

Thats a loooonnngg time to be hanging in Aries.

The last time Mars retrograded in Aries was 1988.


Mars is the planet of action. It is very self focused. Your drive.

Your ability to follow through with plans.

Independence. Energy. Will. Autonomy. Freedom.

When it retrogrades, many of these qualities are obscured.

Energy may feel depleted.

Focus might feel scattered.

Long term projects may halt and lose flow.

Emotions, especially anger/annoyance might become heightened.

Patience, might become thin.

If the planets were at a slumber party,

Mars would normally be the first to throw a pillow

at your face and start a fight.

During retrograde periods, Mars is more likely to be

the first to fall asleep and

the last to know there even was a pillow fight.

With our energy zapped, Mars forces us to

deviate from business as usual.

It’s a tiny flash warning, reminding us

no,these aren’t “normal” times.

The sky is ORANGE.

Stop pretending.

For Type-A’s who are accustomed to getting a lot done and pushing through exhaustion, this RX period will be humbling.

it's OK to admit


just don’t

have the energy

right now.

Balancing Your Energy Levels is Key

Yield to your own energy levels, the real ones,

not the energy you think you *should* have.

A healthy cycle of productive action

balanced with contemplative inaction,

not netflix binging (unless it's the British Baking show :-D),

is ideal.

Contemplative inaction is sound baths, restorative yoga, baths, naps, reading.

Slow down and recharge your batteries often.

Incorporate Tiny Self-Care Routines to keep your vibe up.

Schedule your recharge time.

Build it into your day. Plan on needing it.

Daily exercise to dispel the extra Mars emotional fuel.

Mars isn’t the only planet moving backwards,






That’s six planets in retrograde.


Good grief!

Retrograde is a good time to do any re-stuff. Reflect. Revision. Repurpose. Recalibrate.

My friend, we do have some relief, the Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn will all finally start to move forward out of their Capricorn “boardroom”.Thank god.


Pull back.

Look-Out for Energy Sinks - Where are you losing power?


Incorporate more flexibility and add a dash of hope.

Use the inward motion of Mars to discover what you truly desire and

design the plan of getting there.

Be proactive and don’t settle for a diminished experience due to fear.

Despite the apocalypse and pending election doom, there are opportunities to move through emotional debris and completely reset your life.

Flow is happening for many of us,

stay engaged, trust, and maintain hope.



PS- COMING SOON - We have SOOOO many cool digital sound baths that are in the works. Need a dash of hope? How about a 20min Hope sound bath. Getting over a bad break up? We got you.

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