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New Age ain't just a music genre anymore | Jan 2021 astrology

Aquarian Energy is HERE.

There is a NEW optimistic vibe beaming out in to the world

that might look and feel

a helluve like

New Years energy,

but what we are

actually feeling

is the new energies

of New Age

minus the annoying spa flute sounds.

This energy is very different from New Year Resolution energy

but can be easily confused.

Resolutions are typically rooted in lack,

something is wrong in our lives

and we want to fix it.

This power surge we are experiencing is much bigger.

The stars do advise to lay off of the NY juice for a little while….and approach this new energy in a new way.

The theme for January is

LET'S GET THE PARTY STARTED (said Pink circa 2001)

“We are in a new time, a new landscape, a new vibration and frequency, and completely new potential and opportunity for a whole new experience of life. This month we look at new containers, new support systems, new attitudes and beliefs, and new ways we can create a start-up for ourselves.”

Folks, this is





not fix up/improve your

old used



I'm secretly giggling over here because I've never

actually owned a new car and

proudly roll in a very cosmetically challenged

1998 corolla named Moriah who has been with me for 21 years.

BUT, I can imagine how cool it would be to have a rearview camera! Bluetooth stereo! Paint that isn't peeling!

So, you are on this new car lot,

scoping out these


sparkly, brand new


Think of the new vehicles as new parts of yourself

that are emerging. Parts that have been hibernating for a lot of last year.

Which one is callin to you like a siren?

what are you lovin now?

This new energy is creative, fun, and playful

with a push to express ourselves.

A higher octave has entered our field

that encourages creativity,

finding new allies, and taking some risks.

In the first few weeks of the year,

feel more into the ways you want to

creatively express yourself

versus the ways you want to improve.

“The creativity of the artisan in each of us needs to be nurtured and allowed expression. Singing, dancing, making art and music, gardening, designing, dreaming, decorating, cooking, these are all expressions of creativity that will help exercise that muscle in your life.”

There will be roadblocks and

heavy chaos in the world.

It is a very rocky Jan/Feb

with some hard core scary AF

aspects between Mars/Pluto and Uranus/Saturn

that completely give me the heebie jeebies.

Stars say…use this time before the shitshow wisely.

Downturns are inevitable.

Polarity will rise.

This new optimism will be challenged.

It may not be an easy time

“out there”

but internally

something is

shifting in you,

and offering

a lot of new open space to expand into.

I know it sounds a little doom and gloom but, rest assured,

there is PLENTY of positive energy coming soon….

AND, trust me

I've got something BIG in the works to

help us all snag that energetic boost.


More on that later.

During this transition try


instead of self-harm.

Get silly, creative and fun

as you attune to this new vibe.

Stay informed but


a strong fortress around your own beliefs about the future,

and keep a hard line of sight on the truths you believe are self-evident.



image credit: unknown, sad face :-(

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