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Mars is Moonwalking With Sunglasses | Libra New Moon Oct 2021

New Moon Wed Oct 6th 4:07AM 13 degrees Libra

Mars puts on his sunglasses

and starts moonwalking

across the sky.

Where is he going?

What is he doing?

Mars hears the chatter




a flying


They are focused on the moves.

The music.

The feeling.

On this very special New Moon

Mars will

be joining

the Sun and Moon


in the Libra sky.

Sooo, expect

a little spice

to this lunation.

This unique planetary tryptic

provides an interesting contrast

to the typically diplomatic

and compromise-motivated Libra.

Instead of focusing on what

we agree on Mars might be showing us

where we disagree.

What we don’t like.

What we don’t want.

While Libra is typically

overly concentrated on diplomacy,

that it borders on people-pleasing

Mars is pushing us to

step out of compromise

step out of comparison

step out of approval






Mars says, “Guess what

I don’t give a shit any of you all think.

I'm doing this!”

You can be brave, take risks, and make moves

during this lunation.

Mars can be a disturbance,

shaking things up

to show us

where things

aren’t aligned


Be true to the signs telling you,

use this celestial trigger

to get your ass moving.

You can initiate without so much worry.

There is fuel here.

The timing is right.

The timing is perfect.

Before you launch,

let’s focus on Venus, who rules Libra,

what is that girl up to?

Venus is finishing

her tour of the underground

in Scorpio.

They have had a lot of revelations.

Big understandings.

Something has transformed itself

into their own personal power.

Something big has shifted in their

acceptance of themselves

and their complicated journey.

There is a lot of YES energy in this chart.

Integrate what you've learned and have faith in whats next.

The window is brief.

Go for it.



Image by:

Marco Zagara

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