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Be like Elsa, let it go. Let it go!| Full Moon Cancer Dec 2020

a perfect end to 2020

The full moon in Cancer 8'53" composes our final cosmic song of 2020




these are a few words that may encircle your energy

over the next few days

as we dive into the



full moon in Cancer.

How fitting.

Cancer is the exact opposite to Capricorn,

a sign that dominated

our energy fields




now, the very last sliver

of the year

we get a taste of

Capricorns opposite

sister, Cancer.

Capricorn is

the work,

effort, beliefs,



while Cancer,

its opposite sister,

provides the balance of

our commitment to

our inner needs,

our inner beliefs,

and inner world.

For this full moon to show up, fortuitously,

at the end of Capricorn dominated year,

feels like a true gift.

Represented by the cautious crab,

Cancer is

the energy of retreat.

This full moon asks us to

go inward,


and focus on your

inner world.

Cancer bears with it

quite a bit of


We may be reflecting on where we came from,

our parental



the frustration of

wanting things

that did not matriculate

on family ground.

Many of you who are reading these very words

endured a very difficult childhood during this soul lifetime.

One that forced you to

separate from your family

and learn how to heal yourself and build a different sort of family.

There was a need to separate

in order

to fulfill

a much greater,

much bigger

role than that particular

family environment.

With this Cancer moon, perhaps,

we feel a quick pang

of loneliness

at those


It is okay. Feel those feels.

And, at the same time,

there is

an undeniable


energy that

promises to

let those dynamics go

with loving detachment

for once and for all.

No drama.

No, I'm never speaking to you again statements.

This is simply the end.

This cancer moon has a few special aspects that

allow us to

notice the relationship cords

that are still connected

to us but




running through them


They are still there, taking up our mental

and energetic space

but don't return us with any vitality.

These kind of relationships require

us to adapt

to make them work.

We can't really be ourselves around these people.

No. Honey, we are done with that.

Aquarian energy says

it is time to be with


who fucking

love ALL of you,

all of the time.

Not the ones that love most of you,

some of the time.

With this final moon of the year, we are

firming up our own boundaries

and, calmly cutting old cords / stepping back.

We have the strongest energy of our lifetime to


break free

from these old, empty, entanglements.


enjoy the

brand new cords

of supercharged Aquarian


that we have just plugged into.

This new energy

will be pushing

each of us

to be our weird,

witchy ass selves.


embrace our uniqueness

without apology.

To attract those that get us on

a soul level.

This year you've learned

exactly who you are,

who and what you love,

and what you need.

We can use that energy of discernment

plus full moon in Cancer

to peacefully

say goodbye to old family dynamics, friendships,

or any other faulty connections that don't align with who we are now.

Uranus is gaining some don't mess with me energy as

he/she/they push us towards what we are ready for now.

Uranus is there in

the background,

squealing with delight

you are ready.

you are ready.




image credit: tomasz alen kopera

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