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It isn't you. It isn't me. It's....

How the comos is messing with us all! Aries Full Moon 2020 + hot mess of other stuff

If you feel like you are


please know,

it's an



show out there.

As the full moon enters the fury firehouse of Aries,

we get

a hot full moon.

No, not

as in the

sexy kind.

As in, the furious kind.

We are talking



wild and unruly

full moon.

You might feel quick to ignition, sensitive to triggers,

with an

undercurrent of

pure fury that is

hard to contain.

Anger isn’t always a bad thing, tho.

Sometimes anger can pinpoint

an injustice

and shift us into action.

If the status quo

already makes you want to gag,

if you contemplate throwing your cellphone against the wall after an innocuous scanning of the news,

this full moon might

provide the fury conditions

to finally do

something about it.

This is the moon of activism,

political unrest

and revolution.

It will be another 15 years before Mars travels this close to the earth again

which only intensifies its energy.

Oh dear.

Mars, the war planet fiercely seeks independence, identity,


it wants instant gratification.

A steam roller, overbrimming with willpower


Mars has a strong desire to do whatever

the hell it wants to do.

Mars has been in retrograde for some time which normally zaps energy

and forces

real time monitoring

of our true energy cycles.

But, this full moon

could actually

give you a surge of energy

and productivity.

I've been feeling that. I am a total powerhouse right now.


I have the energy of 10 covid Melissa's.


there is potential that you might feel like you are running into a wall

and frustrated by the rules/constrictions.

You have all this energy and no outlet. Grrrr. Not cool.

Saturn is finally going direct and headed out of Capricorn.

Thank the lord!

This means things that inner and outer projects that have been on hold for awhile might suddenly

come together in a new way. Yay!!

Ideas that were in the backburner, shine more brightly during this time.

Maturity, mastery, your ability to self-stabilize,

how you respond to rules/authority/power,

this all might be coming together in a

very groovy way.

I'm feeling that too, with a long term project we've been working on

for months and months

is finally coming together and

looking pretty darn sparkling(squeal!!!).

More on that soooonnn.......

Per Darkstar Astrology:

“This period is great for the lone entrepreneur who works tactically. Here the Moon does not lean on others emotionally and is not afraid of working solo. Those touched by this Aries full Moon are also not moulded by what is popular or what loved ones expect of them.

It is a time of inventions, some that are controversial, but others fantastically unique due to not being influenced by the mainstream.

We can become so emotionally connected with our mission that we make passionate fighters for our cause whatever it may be. This is a time for activists and those who are willing to be heroes for their family or greater tribe.”

There are a LOT of positives. Use the rebellious full moon to your best advantage.



image credit: the amazing julien pacuad

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