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Grab a tissue, you just might get the sniffles | Taurus Total Solar Eclipse 2022 Astrology

The Taurus Solar Eclipse on April 30th

is packed with energy

and multi-faceted outcomes.

There are opportunities to

invest in our stability

whether it be

financially or energetically

or simply knowing our own value

and standing by it.

New jobs or promotions may appear, new residences, new opportunities.

Old parts of ourselves,

the very anchors of our being

that inhibit our growth,

may lighten


Heal. Lift.

There could be a surge of self-acceptance,

I-friggin-rock energy.

A chance to feel really good about

who you are and what you have done.

Venus is pulsing with a new frequency

of a higher, stable self-love.

This weekend is a great moment to throw yourself a

Accomplishment Party.

Sit for a few minutes while listening to this

and write down all the cool shit, big and very small,

that you have accomplished in the past two years.

Despite some of these awesome vibes,

the Pisces energy won't let up

giving us opportunities to surrender, to cry, to mourn,

and process all the changes and loss over the past few years.

Tears may be flowing.

Instead of escaping or suppressing these

important cleansers,

We may fluctuate radically from

one point to the next.

One mood to the next.

Energized and then exhausted.

Elated and then depressed

"This Solar Eclipse is a tantalizing time to feed and hydrate those dreams.
The next year and a half is dedicated to enriching. Fortifying. Remineralizing. Investing. Acquiring.
This is a time of TANGIBLE CREATION.
Slow. Steady. Present. Honest. Budding, blossoming, BLOOMing.
Deprivation, pruning, and shrinkage leads to GROWTH.

Deprivation, pruning and

shrinkage leads to growth.


This eclipse season is asking us to clear away, process, and integrate

for new foundation to be built.

There is a strong opportunity to

feel, sense, and let go of what is complete.

What has ended?

What is old and expired?

We have to

diligently clear out the old.

Completions and endings will continue for the next few weeks,

our final act of the eclipse season is the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on May 15th.

The next few weeks won't let up.

The stars are like a till,

lifting and sorting

the earth

but also

disrupting and trampling

our neat, perfect growing rows.

But, they will lead us to

a more peaceful time

with soil that has been

aerated and fertilized.

Soil that is ready for the

new places

our path will lead.



Here are some ways to Celebrate the 2022 Taurus Solar Eclipse

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🎖 🎉 Throw yourself an Accomplishment Party. Sit for a few minutes while listening to this and write down any cool shit, big and very small, that you have accomplished in the past two years. Get yourself a cake and flowers. Do a little dance.

Image by: unable to find artist credit 😢 if you know who created this, please email me

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