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Energetic Graduation | Astrology for August Full Moon Aquarius 2021

Full Moon on Sunday Aug 22nd 5:02 am pst at 29 Aquarius

This is the second Aquarius Full Moon in this lunar cycle.

It is time to put on your

square graduation hat

and move the

tassel to the other side,


you’ve moved

into a more advanced energetic level.

We are seeing a

graduation point of energy,

something you’ve cultivated

for awhile

and feel in

a deep level

of your being.

You may discover

previous relationships

that fit before,

are now on different growth trajectories

and you may need to

separate for the time being.

This energy is stout with self-honoring.

It is a time to really honor what is true for you.

There is a powerful urge to follow what is true for you,

not what is true for others.

This moon is asking us to be discriminate

with our time and energy.

One of the greatest Aquarian lessons

is there are times in our lives

when we have to

go at it


We have to forge our own

unique path

and follow it,

despite external conditions or pressure.

Moon is right next to Jupiter which

indicates integration of what we

have learned, are learning, or know now.

There are things we know now

that we didn’t know before.

There is the energy of revelation, liberation,

and inspiration.

Some of your energy that was

stuck in indecision

will resolve itself.

Energy has been building, developing,

and growing,

you are seeing something from

a higher vantage point.

This Full Moon

is full of Virgo energy which starts at sunset.

Virgo is the body expert,

ritual ruler, and healer.

It’s important to critically listen

to the messages from your physical energy.

Virgo is revealing

more about how you want to live your life.

There is a buoyancy here,

a chance for new things

to float up.

It feels positive,


and full of soul.

Follow your heart's new standard.

Cast a spell to rid yourself of any excess energetic weight.

Show up for yourself.

Dialogues are open, there is good negotiation energy.

Image by: unkown :-(

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