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Descend into the dark stairwell...Must I?

Super Duper October New Moon in Libra Plus Mercury Retrograde Oct 2020

Normally, I do not subscribe to the whole Mercury is in retrograde FREAK out that borderlines on superstitious.

Mercury careens backwards three times a year

for several weeks each time,

so pledging allegiance

to strict ideas

during retrograde periods (i.e: three things to never do in Mercury retrograde, aka BS)

means narrowing your options.

BUT… isn’t there always a but?...

this particular Mercury retrograde combined with the closest super new moon of the year on Friday, October 16th 2020 in Libra

has tickled my



Due to a confluence of cosmic support, that would

bore you to death

if I went into detail,

any interior work you do

during this period (Oct 13- Nov 3rd)

will set the tone for the next two years

but more importantly,

set the tone for December which

kicks off a 200 year cycle.

Oooohhh so many juicy things to talk about! This might be a long post, I will do my best to condense it down.

OK. Focus.

Mercury is the planet of truth and communication,

and they (I’m using “they/them” pronoun for each planet now vs "he/she")

are moving through

the frozen depths of Scorpio.

Both Mercury & Scorpio want to unearth deep truths.

Scorpio represents your basement. The dungeon. All that is hidden.


parts of ourselves

that feel shameful or unloveable


have been shut down, locked away,

and are deeply feared.

We’ve developed unconscious habits,

belief systems


quiet judgements

that have caused us


from a




Under normal conditions, it would be very scary and difficult

to move closer toward these deep primal fears,

but, this particular

cosmology offers

a lot of support

to rebalance,


and rewire.

There is a HUGE


for energy to flow

in a harmonious way

that has been previously


Like, BIG.

IF you are committed to traveling down the spiral

staircase into the darkness.

All other senses during this descent will be shut down.

You aren't going to be able to smell, taste, or see.

But you can intuit, listen

and feel

for what is right.

There is an energetic window for examining

what is operating in the background of your mind,

who dominates your inner boardroom and has been over-promoted

and how are these forces

are constantly


your future decisions.

The parts of yourself that

hold you back,

or are repressed

make it IMPOSSIBLE to show up as your full self with others

because you haven’t shown up as your full self

with yourself.

If you CAN'T BE your full self with yourself

if parts of your self are exiled or repressed.

Many of us have been in a battle with

certain parts of ourselves

since we were

very young.

These parts of ourselves were likely born as an

attempt to keep us safe

when a need wasn’t met.

Something we desperately needed as a kid didn’t happen

and we found a way to keep ourselves safe,

even if it,


it ended up becoming a determinant to ourselves.

These parts of ourselves

are actually the most vulnerable.

They’ve been ignored, abused, and left alone to figure things out.

The cosmic conditions are such that we can explore this battle safely,

with a new sense of perspective.






We can re-establish

TRUST with these parts.

The power can be rebalanced.

This is a very compelling quest

because whatever

we heal, empower,

and shine light into right now

will set forward

a tone

two years into the future.

Some might even say,

200 years into the future (jupiter and saturn meet in an air sign for the first time in 800 years on Winter Solstice and will kick off a 200 year cycle of meeting in air signs- You can’t make this sh*t up! It’s EXTRAORDINARY stars right now)

All the planets are converging together in

miraculous ways to help

us through

this unique rite of passage.

With the closest super new moon of the year in Libra there is a big chance to

transform these

inner critics/punished parts of ourselves


remarkable friends.

This kind of opportunity will not present itself again

in this lifetime. I am not exaggerating.

The future is coming at us like a high speed train and

we need to do everything possible to catch it.

We need to be alert.


We need to sense into the timing.

Lessen the baggage.

And make a jump.

Your future self is near,

trying to show you the rewards

of the choices

you make right now.

If my words sound earnest,

it is because they are.

The strides we make right now,

have a huge impact.

The rewards, manifestations, abundance and beauty that is

unfolding in the future

is directly related

to what you

trusted and created in yourself today.



image credit: unknown :(

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