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Use the INTENSITY to BREAK OUT | Oct 2020 Scorpio New Moon

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

New Moon in Scorpio Nov 14

This new moon in cosmos are offering the perfect alchemy to

discern, release,

and reprogram

There are many opportunities for a

cathartic release

of whatever has

been bogging you

down, created fear

or been discouraging.

Uranus is giving us a strong surge

of break out energy

to finally set you free.

Wherever you are stuck or not able to let go of,

will surely

loosen under these lucky stars.

The bits and pieces that remain

are starting to re-align

into new pattern.

With alignments that mirror

January, this new moon is asking

for a reflect on what you've mastered,

learned, and acquired

over the past year.

We are reaching a

synthesis moment

where we can step back

and see all

we've mastered

and from that

vantage point

carve out the new path

before us.

The pent up energy and pressure

of the cosmic boardroom aka Capricorn

is finally


a little,

and giving us more room to

incorporate our learnings or let go without

harsh judgement or baggage.

Scorpio is

the emotionally courageous sign.

It is willing to go where others won't,

giving us access

to deeper depths, deeper patterns, and meaning.

Power is rising

to those that have

the courage in the heart

to re-align

towards a new goal,


or passion.

After being retrograde for six months, sulking in the sky Mars finally

stations direct.

Per Chani Nicolas: "As a bright evening star, Mars and its significations have become one of this year’s greatest red flags to heed, consider, and stay alert to. Mars is abrasive, courageous, alarming, bold, inciting, aggravating, confident, heated, and action-oriented. When retrograde, Mars makes us review our leadership style, our relationship to our agency, and our ability to carve our way into the world. "

Mars has taught us a lot about anger, boundaries, and warrior rage. He is also still giving us lessons us about tyranny, autocrats, and the power hungry.

We are not out of the woods yet. Far from it.

BUT the red planet provides action and is fueling up the tank, checking the tires and preparing for take off.

It is time to gather energy, focus,

stamina, and fuel.

Mars isn't the only one to be ending a retrograde, try adding five more planets going direct. Mars, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto will all join Mars in ending their retrograde cycles and moving stationary direct.

There is a cosmic sense that these planets

yearn to move forward

with a new sense

of understanding,


and direction.

Translate your deeper knowings

of this year into

new commitments for next year.

These could be new projects,

ambitions, or ways of being.

To further your ambitions,

the end of the month gifts us

a lunar eclipse

which offers

an accelerated


energy to

move your pursuits

further forward.

The wind is finally at your back,

set your sails

and travel with new power.



image credit: Frank Roth

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