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Awkward Cosmic Growing Pains | Gemini Lunar Eclipse Dec 2020

Owie... cosmic growing pains are not fun.

Eck. Cosmic growing pains are



The cosmic salad spinner is spinning

energies in strange ways

as the universe tries to dry us off.

Add a

partial lunar eclipse

in Gemini

in the midnight hour of Sunday

and we've got a scary carnival ride

like the Gravitron.

Stick to the sides.

Keep your body against something stable.

And when the nausea arrives,

take a deep breath

and wait for

it to pass.

Mercury is faced with a lot of duality in this eclipse.

The ruler of Gemini naturally wants to have fun.

Adapt. Play.

But, Mercury has been traveling through the

in the frozen waters of Scorpio which is


We may be

obsessing over our fears,

confused by which way to go,

is it this or that?

what's wrong! why isn't this working.

I need to think more about it.

Mercury is bogged down by the mental turmoil and emotional struggle.

Do you feel it? Me too.

I'm reminding myself to wait. STOP thinking.

Connect to the BIG picture.






as old

or older

than you are,

are boldly coming forward in their last clutch effort

to keep you

away from what you deserve.

Old fears are relentlessly resurrecting themselves

hoping we will play it safe.

But, Lord Karma forgets the year we've had...

yah, dude. f*off.

Underneath the blur of this carnival ride

are new truths of what

a good life is

and how to build it.

We've gained a hard-core Capricorn understanding


the components.

the structure.

what matters in a good life,

and, perhaps, what we deserve.

Pluto has made sure

to make this year

a demolition site.

We are reaching a point

of what do we want

to build?

We can choose

to recalibrate

to our own


and take these

powerful learnings, higher understandings,

and begin to lay some yellow bricks.

Mercury is about choices.

You can choose to play it safe, do what you've done, repeat the same record (hopefully Nena 99 luft balloons)

or acknowledge you've

outgrown these clothes.

Because the energy is shifting,

in the coming weeks,

new choices and options

will appear that you weren't ready for before.

The atmosphere is still imbued

with a seriousness,

a heaviness,

and a sense of completion and mastery.

Ugh. We crave relief.

I crave relief!

And, because of this cocktail,

we may be tempted to

analyze it.


Try it from this angle, and, create,

yet, another game plan.

Truly, I want to do this. Get out the white board and figure it the f*k out.




Get the pens ready.




blank page.

What do you want to invite in?



image credit: justin peters

astrology content: much was inspired by molly mccord

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