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All Green Lights - No Retrograde Period | Inner Sounds Academy

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

Inner Sounds Blog: Sound Baths with a sprinkle of Astrology

The Stars are Creating a Celestial Runway from NOW thru May 2023.

The January - May 2023 astrology is


rare and unique.

We will never see this type of energy again in our lifetime.

The planets are lining up,

giving us the

ALL Green Lights to


Ever had that happen?

You are driving along

and hit all green lights.

It feels magical, right?

Exciting! OOoooo, another green light - YES!

THIS is the energy

we have RIGHT now.

BE in pursuit of your dreams.

This isn't a time to

delay, wait, or put off.

Do not wait.

If there is something you've

always wanted to do or try,


The stars are behind you.

The stars will help

your idea, project,

or aspiration

go the distance.

BUT, we have to be sure

we are pursuing

something that is

aligned with who you are now.

Not 2022 you.

Not 2021 you.

The RIGTH NOW you.

We are in a cosmic window of future building

that won't stay open for long.

If you aren't feeling clear,

you probably have more to clear.

Pay attention to where

your energy

wants to go.

Be pragmatic and proactive

about what or who

is or isn't paying off.

This moment is about

critical alignement.

New energies are

arriving QUICK.

And they seek a brave,

aligned PLAN.

Know what you know.

And follow it with all you've got.

Still feeling not clear yet?

art by trashriot

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