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100 years of Hope

Open the secret gate.

To let off some steam and get outside, I've been running every other day.

On my runs, I pass different people with different ideas of what safety means.

People wearing masks. Some aren't.

Some have a mask but it isn't actually on their face. WHY?

Some think 2 feet is 6 feet.

Some pass right by me and nearly touch my arm. Yikes!! Do you live under a rock?

We are at Day 77 in the Bay Area.

There are times it has been easy and I feel very uplifted and

other times I am frustrated and angry to the point of near toxic levels.

I am pretty sure my head has exploded from my body several few times at how seemingly clueless some people are.

This frustration and anger was building inside of me A few weeks ago, I attended a virtual Tuning Forks Class taught by West Coast Acutonics.

In case you don't know what these are, tuning forks are silent,

weighted forks that when struck

vibrate and are used on acupressure points.

When you combine various forks together, they create different harmonic frequencies which you can feel pulsing through your bones.

To be honest, I've never really been a fan of these forks.


I have about 20 of these forks in different frequencies in my collections and found them

a bit....less than useful.

But not so useless that I'd get rid of them.

They were a "someday maybe" and in-betweener.

So, they sat on the shelf and eventually hid in the basement.

Waiting around, without a purpose for many many years.

Traditional Chinese Medicine has always seemed to me to be a bit anatomical. Dry.

Small Intestine, Liver, Lungs.

Gallbladder! Yuck, just saying it makes me think of gross body functions.

Not the most elegant of systems.

Guess what, kids.

I was WRONG.

so wrong.

TCM is a poetic, interwoven system of elements, meridians, energy, and spirit.

Elegant. Simple. Refined.

Each of the 361 points has an origin story and precise purpose.

One is literally called "arrange and clear the gutters", we could all use a little of that!

Penetrate the void.

Gateway of clouds.


These exciting points are fanciful and imaginative, so much more fun than "Liver 6".

After day 1, I dusted off my tuning forks and decided to try the "cleansing spread" supposedly helpful with dispelling anger, which I've been wrestling with for a few weeks now.

The spread starts with "Heart Center of Palace of Riches" or more boringly known as Lung 1. This is the first point on the very first meridian in the body. It represents a source of fresh air for our body, nourishing and an entry point to our inner wealth.*

Their are 12 meridians in total,

which are like little irrigation channels that

ride the energy from one part of the body to the other

throughout the day in a certain cycle.

The second point of the spread is "Gate of Hope of a 100 years" or lame name Liver 14. It is the very last point of the 361 point system.

When you activate these two points together,

you run energy through the entire system from start to finish


give your

whole body

an instant tune up.

I included this spread in a routine from Level 1 that took about 15 mins to complete for five days in a row and, I gotta say,

haters gotta hate


all that anger

was just


I can't even explain it.


It just isn't here anymore.

Even if I do get upset, it isn't such a personal investment.

It doesn't consume me.

Its like a

relaxed irritation,

or some weird combo like that.

A mild annoyance in the distance.

It doesn't disturb my system for another hour or two.

The energy runs out the open gate and moves on.

I've kept on it most days and feel energetically excellent.

Try it for yourself and let me know how you find it.




Cleansing Spread

First Point: Central Treasury, Palace of Riches - Zhong Fu - Lung 1

  • The two points are meant to be pressed together, gently with a pen or your index finger for 30 seconds.

  • Follow your collar bone until it ends, then go down about an inch and slightly in (towards the sternum).

  • Imagine releasing toxicity, frustration, anxiety, stress, all the extra air element in your system.

  • This point is the grief valve, it releases grief. Some say the grief is companion to emotion to anger/frustration.

  • Great for Asthma, allergies, coughing weezing. My partner, Jason, used this spread and immediately was relieved of some pretty bad allergies (and he is a "card carrying" skeptic as he fondly likes to say.

  • The Central Treasury point is the crystal of our inner being, if we feel lost or are despairing it brings us to the security of our core.

Second Point: Gateway of 100 years of Hope - Qi Men - Liver 14

  • Add this second point and press both together, laterally on one side.

  • This point is at the bra line, find the window of the ribcage and press in the center.

  • It opens the gate to hope. Hope give us the impulse to get up each day and work hard for what we envision and believe. It helps us see our gaol and feel in our heart, this is the right ting to strive for.

  • When the groundwork is done, we can walk through the gate and see greater possibility with the hope of 100 years of vision*

If you are into this:

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