sound healing training


Create a solid foundation with

Western Neuroscience layering with Eastern Energetics

and lots of practice time.


Learn all the basics for self-healing or leading group sessions

in this two day immersion.


Whether you are an inexperienced beginner with no instruments,

someone who has a crystal bowl but no idea what to do with it, 

or a fairly versed professional looking to hone up on your skills,

this course will develop the confidence

necessary to lead sound healing experiences. 


  • Fundamentals of Playing Crystal Bowls, Ocean Drum, Koshi Chimes, & Gongs

  • What a Sound Bath is and Various Types of Sound Baths

  • Anatomy of a Sound Bath - What to use when?

  • The Science & History of Sound as a Healing Agent

  • The Difference between Facilitators & Performers

  • Sound Psyche: The Energetics Effects of Sound

  • What to Choose and Why? Understanding Types of Bowls, Gongs, & Mallets

  • Pairings: Basics of Pairing Sounds & Instruments

  • Preventing Burn Out: Grounding & Self-Care Practices

  • The Art of Deep Listening: Playing from a Present & Engaged State


  • Self-healed anxiety and depression using sound healing

  • Ten years of experience as a sound practitioner

  • Continued research on the science and energetics of sound therapy

  • Has led 1000's of sound baths, retreats, private session and corporate sessions

  • 800 hr Certified Yoga Therapist


Right now we see sound healing gaining A LOT of traction in the news, sound healing is EVERYWHERE. Throw a rock and you’ll hit a sound healer.

YES, it is relatively easy to buy a curated set a bowls and start playing, BUT, their is a growing danger of a lot of inexperienced, untrained people administering sounds without knowing the impact they are having on their students and we are seeing A LOT of negative feedback.


  • On average, there are 123 suicides per day. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the U.S., and the 2nd leading cause of death for people aged 10–34.

  • Anxiety, Depression, & Mental Illness affects over 46 million adults each year.

  • Of that number, only 41% of adults with a mental illness received mental health services in the past year.

  • 100 million Americans are living with Chronic Pain

  • Need I go on?

With rising health care costs, we are in desperate need of non-invasive, natural, affordable healing therapies that compliment traditional medicines.


  • Curious about sound & have an open mind.

  • You, your partner, child, or loved one are stressed, anxious, depressed, have insomnia, chronic pain or other stress related issues and are searching for viable wellness alternative.

  • A Musician, Yoga Instructor, Therapist, Coach, or Practitioner who would like to compliment your vocation with sound healing.

  • You really want to start giving sound baths for yourself or loved ones but don't know how to get started.

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2020 DATES

April 4-5 


July 18-19 - PENDING

Oct 17-18 - COMING SOON



Melissa's sound meditation training was very informative, technical & hands-on. The intimate class size really allowed us all to work closely together & get in playtime.  Melissa is a great instructor, which is not always true of performers, Melissa applies thoughtful intention with technical info & her extensive experience for all of us to benefit from. I look forward to more training with her & highly recommend her course for whatever you may be seeking to do with it.

CB | Visual Designer

I began Melissa’s Sound Healing 101 knowing nothing and I finished with a firm basic knowledge. Melissa’s enthusiasm and attention to each student’s learning process was perfect. I will be attending her next level class.

AJ | Professional Dog Walker 

 I can honestly say I felt more like ‘myself’ in one day in your training in Berkeley than I have my entire 30 years to date. I am incredibly excited for this new chapter and to learn from amazing healers, like Melissa.  She tirelessly answered questions, provided one on one feedback, and handled a room full of insatiable, curious learners with grace. I feel ready and able to provide sound healing to my friends and family and highly recommend the training, without a doubt, the best thing I've done for myself in years. 

AM | Marketing Manager