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Our March 21st Spring Equinox Retreat was Cancelled

We hope to offer one in August, fingers crossed!

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Soft Contemplation & Connection

These sound experiences are tuned specifically to the seasons and astrological frequencies. Voyage into the depth of healing frequencies of 6-8 planetary gongs, crystal bowls, melodic chimes, shruti box, reiki, ocean drums, and other healing instruments.

A short walk away, if weather permits, we will end the evening with a Stinson Beach sunset meditation with crystal bowls, rolling waves, and a entrancing sunset.

During this nourishing retreat you will:

  • Receive profound depth and relaxation through four hours of immersive sound meditation, two distinctly different experiences separated by a meal break.

  • Be led through special guided meditations and soundscapes attuned with the seasonal theme specific to that retreat. 

  • Leave with a sense of balance and clarity around what you'd like consciously grow and give energy towards.  

  • Enjoy rest, contemplation, and renewal during this quiet retreat.

  • Delight in the beauty of nearby Stinson Beach- 10 minutes walk away. 

Questions? Don't hesitate to contact me

retreat testimonials

Melissa is an extraordinary sound artist whose sound mediations and retreats have become an essential part of my healing and consciousness growth experience.


Her mastery of the crystal bowls and gongs is magical, seamless shifting between them shimmers as a palpable sound resonance, that physically registers in the body and its energy centers. The subtlety and nuance in her understanding of how her magnificent gongs layer their vibrational frequencies is expert, and the resonant energies that manifest as sound, which she draws from the crystal bowls, float over me, distinctly clearing my immediate energetic field and touching the subtle body. 

She also brings a deeply felt personal love and passion for the power of healing in her instruments, and a delightful, playful light-heartedness for the variety of sounds she creates. Her repertoire is always expanding and she uses interesting, fascinating sound instruments, beyond the amazing bowls and gongs, which create a highly unique journey on each occasion.


The sound meditations themselves continue to be increasingly ultra-dimensional for me, as the resonances draw my mind-body into always new consciousness frontiers, expanding my awareness through the different places in sound she explores. I am so grateful for her practice and artistry, and look forward to more mediations and retreats as she develops and evolves her practice.

Olivia | Researcher, San Francisco

Melissa's Sound Meditation Retreat is an excellent way to restore, center and bathe oneself in the healing resonation she and her instruments give rise to.


I attended the retreat held at the Stinson Beach Community Center. The room was spacious and each participant had room to relax. It was a beautiful gathering as we experienced the wisdom, healing and sweet vibrations Melissa presents.


Her gentle kindness, depth of spirit and positive energy are inviting, refreshing and endearing, allowing one to fully embrace self-exploration, healing and acceptance of what is naturally unfolding. This retreat is truly a beautiful and inspiring experience, I highly recommend it.


Mary | Artist, Stinson Beach

I attended Melissa's Stinson Beach Retreat last Saturday.  One theme that day was reconnecting with our vasanas, our deeply rooted patterns in our lives, our life lessons.  Well, when Melissa started playing her gongs, I felt like I was far into the cosmos, and an asteroid came straight for my old patterns, plowing right through them and blasting them all apart!!!  It was SOOOO POWERFUL.

Melissa played two full sound baths at the retreat.  By the end of each sound bath session, my body was buzzing 200%.  Each cell in my body felt equally a buzz with vibrant energy.  My body felt lighter with new space for new ways of being. It was transformational.

L.Z. | Retired Teacher, San Leandro


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