what is a classic sound bath? what is a workshop?


A sound meditation is an immersive  sensory "bath" of sound and vibration using specially tuned, high-quality meditative instruments.

The meditative sounds release stress,  balance the nervous system, 

and create a sustained mental calm. 

When our mind and body are harmonized, we easily experience clarity,

renewed creativity, inner tranquility, and freedom from strain.

Melissa's Classic Sound Baths are focused on restoring the nervous system through deep relaxation.  Therefore, each sound bath has a limited amount of participants to ensure each person has adequate space, sufficient props, and a distraction free environment. 

  • Most participants choose to lay down down but it can be experienced seated.  No yoga is practiced.

  • Your attire will not impact your sound meditation experience but comfortable clothes can enhance your ability to relax.

  • Most studios provide blankets, mats, and bolsters to increase your comfort. Please check the events page to be sure you do not need to bring your own blankets or pillows.  

  • Some participants prefer to bring their own props from home to assure maximum relaxation: two pillows, one or two soft blankets, and a blanket or mat to lie down on.  


  • All participants are recommended to use an eye pillow or scarf to reduce visual stimulation.

  • Due to the quiet nature of these events, it is more appropriate for ages 12 and up 

OK, we got that down?

Now, what?


After a short welcome and explanation of how you may feel during a sound bath, Melissa will use her restorative expertise to skillfully guide you in setting yourself up comfortably while lying down so you can have the best experience possible. 

You will then deeply relax in an immersive environment of live sound and vibration played by Melissa with specially tuned gongs, chimes, and quartz crystal singing bowls for about sixty minutes. Then, you will be slowly guided up to a comfortable seat for a closing silent meditation. Total experience is around 75-90 minutes. 

  • The combination of instruments creates a unique experience each time. For some, it is a live symphony of sounds  while for others, it is a healing and therapeutic experience.

  • Participants have often reported experiencing colorful visuals, emotional release, muscular tension relief, mood elevation, and a deep inner calm.  Many enter meditative states and receive transformative insight. 

  • Some participants fall asleep, do not concern yourself if this happens, this is natural and can repair your sleep cycle. Research suggests that one sound bath can be the equivalent of eight hours of sleep.

  • As your body enters such a restful state, sometimes it can be helpful to hydrate after with water, please bring a water bottle. Some choose to continue their relaxation at home by being tech-free and having a quiet night in. 

  • Another added benefit is that participants frequently report having a deeply restful nights sleep following the sound bath.


sound healing benefits


Brainwave Entrainment

Sound helps to facilitate shifts in our brainwave state through a scientific process called entrainment. Entrainment is the ability of your brain to “entrain” or synchronize to a nearby stimuli, in this case, very slow, low frequency, binaural sound soundwaves. 

Through slower sound waves and vibration, your brainwaves naturally down-shift from our normal beta state (wakeful, alert ) to alpha (deep relaxation), theta (meditative), and delta (deep sleep) brainwave states through relaxed breathing and slower sound frequencies.

Alpha brainwave states naturally lower stress levels and anxiety by relaxing the Sympathetic Nervous System (“Fight or Flight”) and activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System (“Rest and Digest”) through deep breathing which reduces overall stress on the system and retrains the body how to relax.


It has been documented that most people find themselves facing a “fight or flight” decision an average of 12 times each day. The state of “fight or flight” is an acute stress response that can adversely affect digestion, heart rate, respiratory rate, immune system, and general wellbeing.

Everyday business interactions can create acute stresses which leads to depletion, scatteredness, petty disagreements, limiting thoughts, inhibited drive and an overall mental fog.

Sound reduces the stress response and activates the “rest and digest” Parasympathetic Nervous System through deep relaxation and breathing, which reduces heart rate, improves digestion and immunity systems, creates healthier sleep cycles, increases overall health and wellbeing.

When stress is managed and the body systems are healthy and in-balance, people feel more energized, happier, patient and productive. Problems can be seen in a different light, better decisions are made, and performance is maximized.

Sound can also activate the theta brainwave state which is a state of deep meditation. This coveted brainwave state is easily accessible and provides all the benefits of meditation: creative problem solving, enhanced emotional intelligence, identifying mental ruts and bad habits, increasing confidence, self-awareness and self-connection.

Finally, sound can assist with the Delta brainwave state which is a state of deep sleep with a lowered heart rate, respiratory rate, and metabolic rate. In this state, one hour of sound can be the equivalent of a full night's sleep.

Physical Benefits 


  • Reducing and managing acute stress effectively

  • Creating a calm mind without effort

  • Significantly reducing anxiety and stress hormones, balancing the metabolic and digestive systems, and increasing the immune system

  • Reducing chronic pain, TMJ, migraines, lowering blood pressure, reducing cardiac disease, and other stress related physical issues

  • Improving sleep cycles and lessening insomnia

  • Managing depression through the release of natural opiates

  • Releasing trauma and emotional blockages, it has been reported to help with PTSD

  • Integrating emotional experiences and feeling an integrated sense of wholeness

  • No talking required! Sound is completely self-led and an individual experience. Self-exploration, self-maintenance, self-therapy and self-healing

Meditative Benefits 


  • Enhancing one’s state of presence and self-awareness through fine-tuning self-observation, ability to listen, focus, and gain attention to a greater level of detail

  • Improving communication and relationship dynamics through the development of clarity, patience, and compassion

  • Discovering an overlooked connection between two variables that may be vital to solving the problem

  • Added concentration, increasing focus, and ability to shut out distractions creates a rise in productivity and the ability to make clearer decisions.

  • Sharpening the innate intuitive capabilities every person holds.

  • Enhancing the ability to know when something doesn’t feel right allows allows for new space for new decisions.

  • Lessening emotional attachment to a goal or outcome which helps the development of“communal” compassion. When individuals are able to think of the ramifications of their actions, they make better decisions that are more supportive, communally oriented, and with the greater wellbeing of all involved in mind.

  • Heightening presence and awareness of behavior patterns, triggers, and undesired ways of being which lessens misunderstandings and “reactive” behaviors

  • Enhancing the ability to focus on mutual goals, see the bigger picture, and feel a deeper sense of purpose and vision.

  • Mood elevation, feeling a deep sense of inner calm for weeks at a time. 

  • Participants frequently report a blissful nights rest the night of the sound meditation and following nights as well. 

  • Many participants report an overall lightness, a feeling of ease, and a much more relaxed attitude for weeks at a time. 




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