Private sound healing services are an intimate, immersive healing environment that allows the nervous system to rewire and re-balance, 

the body to deeply relax and let go of accumulated stress,

a deepening of self-connection and intuitive insight. 

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One on One Single Sessions

Highly individualized, deeply restful,

spacious, and transformational.

Includes intuitive sound reading  and reiki.

90 min | $175


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Couples & Small Groups

Treat friends, partners, & family members to deep relaxation, stress release, and create stronger relationships.


Great for baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, school programs, women's circles,  public libraries, house warming, and book clubs.


Rent a space or let the sound come to you! 

 60 - 90 min | $250 for couples,

$425 & up for small groups 

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Corporate Sound Meditation

Reduce inter-personal stress, improve communication,  enhance the ability to focus on mutual goals, develop a compassionate perspective, and explore creative problem solving.

 60 - 90 min

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Sound Healing

Self Healing & Practitioner Trainings

Learn your Inner Tone through a listening session and then learn how to play, receive personalized recommendations, and self-healing practices.

 60 - 90 min | $150 & up

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Melissa Felsenstein from Inner Sounds Yoga has brought her Sound Healing Therapy to the Berkeley Public Library several times and it has always been a wonderful experience.  By creating tones on a variety of crystal bowls and gong, Ms. Felsenstein creates a singular sound environment that provides an excellent background for meditation. 


In addition to her expertise and ability to lead beginners and experienced meditators alike through a peaceful and rewarding meditation, she also brings all of her own equipment and set up and take down is quick and easy.  And our patrons LOVE her, she sells out with 50+ attendees every time. 


She is easily one of the most popular presenters we’ve ever brought in and we keep bringing Ms. Felsenstein and Inner Sounds Yoga back because our patrons keep clamoring for her!

Jack | Library Program Manager

I recently invited Melissa to host the Sound Bath Meditation at the Crossroads in San Mateo. To say her practice was great is just not enough! I still have the tenants that attended this event tell me how amazing they felt after. 


Melissa was extremely responsive and accommodating to all of my emails prior to event as well. She is a professional, on-time, organized, and prepared. 


It was an absolute pleasure to have her host the Sound Bath Meditation for our working professionals who need to unwind and de-stress in new ways. 

Anna | Event Producer, SHIFT

We had a private couples sound bath for our anniversary, and it was absolutely divine. Melissa guided the experience with a gentle spirit and generous heart, and we couldn’t have asked for a more intimate platform to honor our anniversary as well as prepare us for our loving journey ahead.


She is a truly gifted intuitive healer, weaving story, insight, compassion, and grace into a sound bath that wraps around you like a blanket and holds you in its warmth. We have a new tradition to celebrate our anniversary now, and I can’t wait for the next one.


Hanna Gold Lee Goldman | Forest Therapy Guide

I found Melissa on the web and had never experienced a sound meditation before booking her as a surprise gift for a small group of intimate long-time friends who were coming from out of town. She carefully explained what to expect and how sound therapy works in a way that was easy to understand. 

At the end, she gathered us in a circle and closed with the most touching and beautiful reflections.  We were in tears, in a good way! Afterwards, she explained insights she received about a few of us and we were absolutely blown away by the accuracy. It was astounding and

more life affirming than I ever imagined. 

She is also so easy to work with, communicative and timely. I highly recommend booking her. 

Blanche | Marketer, San Francisco

I decided to book a ​private sound program and thought it was going to be more like a massage. I had no idea how deep of therapy this was going to be.


During our very first session, Melissa intuited a powerful insight that was worth more than five years of talk therapy.


This insight led me to feel focused with clear direction and I am moving  forward with purpose and love.

K.J. |  Manager, Oakland

On a scale of 1 to 10, private sessions with Melissa are a 10. Being in the room with Melissa while she played sound bowls was surreal. After two sessions, the physical and emotional sludge I was carrying was gone.


I walked away with a physical wound dramatically healed, personal breakthroughs, and a lot of new concepts I can apply to my yoga and meditation practice to keep the momentum.


The benefits of sound bowl sessions with Melissa continue to soak in for weeks afterwards. Powerful, long-lasting results unlike conventional medicine or talk therapy. Hearing her play the bowls in a private setting is an experience of a lifetime for the mind and body. I highly recommend it.

M.L. | Writer, San Francisco

I highly recommend private sessions for reasons that can be difficult to put into words.  

In the sessions I felt something I have been seeking for a long time in my 40+ personal journey from abuse and trauma. Melissa's intuitive playing skill and  ability to "read" a session allowed me to go much deeper.

I recovered fractured parts of my past and reconnected with inner child we often fear is misplaced forever.  I felt true forgiveness and no blame.


D.A. | Nurse Practitioner, El Cerrito

During my 2nd pregnancy, I attended Melissa's sound baths as often as possible during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. As a working mom with a preschooler at home, this afforded me sacred time to truly unwind and connect with my body and my growing baby. After each sound bath, I felt emotionally calm and physically rested. I also feel that the sound bath, especially during the 3rd trimester, helped me strengthen my ability to go deeply within, a skill that was tremendously helpful during labor and delivery. I highly recommend Melissa's inspired and inspiring sound journeys for all mamas to be! 

J.A. | Teacher & Mother  Berkeley