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The jumping off point | Sagittarius Solar Eclipse Dec 14 2020

Take-off energies take over

This eclipse is jam packed with

turn-over energies.

one energy is leaving

and another is arriving.

The stars of this year bear a signature

that we will never

see again

in our lifetime,

let alone,

many soul lifetimes to come.

Eclipse energy lasts for weeks, making this

energy the perfect take-off strip

for the bigger shift on Solstice, Mon Dec 21st.

We are entering a critical prep time.

Time to do those intuitive push ups.

Get eager


get ready.

On one hand, a solar eclipse represents a new moon

which goes hand-in-hand with

new intentions

new ideas

new sensations.

BUT, this particular solar eclipse new moon

is right next to the south node,

which is our cosmic trash can.

The south node wants to gobble up

all of the toxic mental and energetic trash.

This south node energy

wants release

what no longer fortifies us,

what no longer sustains us.

There are many things in our periphery that are no longer true.

Old patterns of behavior.

Old ways of being. People. Jobs. Ideas.

We've outgrown the awkward ill-fitting

versions of ourselves.

We've matured, slayed and conquered

some serious shit this year.

And our soul is feeling a strong urge

to integrate these learnings

and find its next calling.

This is a concentrated window of opportunity,

it will not happen again in your lifetime.

Use it wisely. No wallowing in a corona pity party.

We've been exfoliating all year,

scrubbing away internally and externally.

At times it has felt






It has been like waiting for the

worlds slowest

train to arrive.

This is the thoroughness of Saturn,

it will miss no detail,

it will run through things again and again,

it will restrict and narrow our focus

to make sure that






Stepping out of the momentary political and societal static,

there is a lot of new knowledge

about who we are

and what makes a good life.

And what doesn't.

We've been met with restrictions, compression,

slow downs, and discouraging set-backs.

BUT the learnings have been

friggin huge.

New levels

of self-respect,

personal integrity,

and self-worth

have been unlocked.

We are growing into this new more loved and loving self,

and feeling new hunches of

where to go next.

These hunches are likely a little wobbily or unstable,

or really friggin out-there. "Like, whhhhat? I can't do that."

Uh. Yes. You. Can.

Go with it. Get weird.

If you've started something and aren't seeing results yet,

be patient,

don't give up

on the long term.

Electric results will be arriving soon.

The star energy is magnifying,

whatever you put out,

it will double down on.

Do not give up on what is true for you,

do not give up on where your life can go.

Keep your gaze


Let the vision be big.

Let it expand in

every direction.

Keep your vibe as high as possible.

The launch is near. And only you can determine at

what height you begin.

Aim for several miles up.



image credit: justin peters

astrology content: much was inspired by molly mccord

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