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It's a doozy | Taurus Lunar Eclipse 2021

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Taurus Eclipse Nov 19th 2021 27 degrees.

This eclipse is a doozy.

It has a lot of drive to it.

Urgency and encouragement.

Surface tension.

I am breaking it up into two newsletters, next week I will cover the Mars aspect which could be especially inflamed during thanksgiving.

The lunar eclipse in Taurus is lasering

in on our

personal value and personal resources.

With Taurus’ ruler, Venus in the earthy sign of Capricorn,

we are getting a double dose of earth.






Capricorn is in the rearview mirror

asking us to triple check

that we are building

a life that is sustainable,

in integrity

and in alignment.

We’ve come to realize our

personal resources

our important.

They mean something.

They are precious

but minus the fragility.

How and what

we share our resources with

is important.

The days when a job was just a job are over.

The days of being underpaid and overworked, they are over.

The days of being undervalued and stretched thin, are over.

We crave more.

And may not even know why.

For those of us that have the privileges of choices,

we may be thinking deeply about

the trade off between money and time/energy.

Many of us realized,

holy shit,

I actually need a lot less resources

to live on than I thought I did.

We can get by with less.

This Taurus eclipse wants us to examine

our personal resources,


get creative with

how we build our lives.

There is a huge creative charge

in this chart.

It wants us to think bigger.

How we can build a life that is meaningful and meets our needs?

It like a Rubik's cube,

shifting different parts

until, suddenly,

all the colors line up.

This is the moment

to shift the parts

and see how things line up.

Taurus is inherently allergic

to risk taking but eclipse energy

overrides these hesitancies.

Eclipses are like leaf blowers,

they are messy, loud, and blast through the job.

Sudden changes,

big zaps of epiphanies,

abrupt path switching,

surges and surprises

all are eclipse energy.

It wants to shake things up,

and not always in a nice way.

Eclipses run on a 19 year cycle.

The last lunar eclipse in Taurus at 27 degrees was Nov 2002.

What was happening in your life then?

Do you see any parallels now?

Ultimately, this eclipse is about recognizing

your resources


expanding your reality.

There are more choices than you think.

This eclipse chart is dense, here are a few tips to help keep your head screwed on:

  • Become a Royal Rester: Feeling wiped? Erratic Sleep? These are all symptoms of the season, do restorative yoga, take naps, listen to online healing.

  • Track Your Expenses: Look at your expenses in detail and make a budget based on your needs now.

  • Access your Personal Resources: who and what are you investing energy in? Is there any excess? Is something not vibrating at the same frequency you are?

  • Be Brave in your Endeavors: Follow your hearts desires. Maybe it is time to finally take a sound healing training! Alternative resources, like sound healing, are not only easy to learn but needed in the world. Line up a new workshop, a class, anything to expand your horizons and possibilities.

PS: Listening to sound healing is an easy way to create self-security and self-stability. Rest and recharge. This eclipse has a second element that is pretty FULL ON. More on that next week. Learn more about our on-demand healing platform here.

PPS: Door are open for our Online Inner Sounds Level 1 Training! Early bird discounts are still available. Limited Spots.

Image by: unable to find artist credit 😢 if you know who created this, please email me

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