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Single One on One Sessions

 60 min | $110 - $145

One on One Single Sessions

Highly individualized, deeply restful,

intuitive, and transformational.

 60 min | $110 - $145



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Private sound healing programs are a restoring, deeply restful, healing environment that allows the nervous system to rewire and re-balance, the body to deeply relax, and emotional release and insight.


Each session is a highly individualized combination of energy work, intuitive insight, and sound healing with tuning forks, gongs and crystal bowls customized to fit current challenges or desires. Private sessions are a safe space to be heard and witnessed, to lay down your stress and mental anguish, and finally release anything that doesn't serve who you are now.  

Sound is an alive, intuitive healing modality; a passive change-agent that ushers each individual toward their deepest inner wisdom. In that space, we can become our own medicine, creating emotional resiliency, speaking our truth, making lasting changes, and finally experiencing wholeness of being.  

Find your center, enhance your intuitive power, and experience inner and outer harmony. 

Each session includes 2 gongs, 4 bowls, tuning forks, chimes and other meditative instruments. 



Experience a cozy, far away feeling in the sound cottage. Weekday sound sessions include a heated bio mat filled with amethyst crystals and approved by the FDA to reduce stress, increase circulation, and relax muscles. Lay back and discover the true meaning of relaxation. 


2820 Seventh Street, Berkeley, CA 94710

Soothe and balance your nervous system, calm your stress levels, and feel the spaciousness of meditation with a private sound therapy program.  Learn how to receive just to receive.  Feel revived and aligned.

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$225 plus studio rental fees

Forge a new connection with your friend or partner through a sound healing couples session. Have an intimate experience, escape the business of life, and feel your troubles melt away together as you receive a sound "massage". All props are included - simply wear something comfortable, lay back, and enjoy the sounds.

Perfect birthday or holiday gift-- custom gift certificates available!  

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 Melissa Felsenstein is the founder of Inner Sounds Yoga and

uses specially tuned, high-quality instruments to 

create to an immersive experience of sound and vibration experienced

while lying down comfortably

for deep relaxation and a soothing, effortless calm.  

Sound meditation baths are designed to guide listeners through sound

on an inner journey of self discovery and exploration.

Through a scientific process called entrainment, our brains naturally synchronizes to the sound waves and slowing dow to Alpha, Theta, and Delta brainwave states:

reducing the stress response, creating better sleep,

balancing the nervous system,

boosting endorphins,

enhancing intuition through self-connection, 

creating an underlying calm

and feeling of wholeness.

It was in these slower brainwave states Melissa was able to heal herself of severe anxiety and depression. She is self-taught and used sound to self-heal for many years before sharing publicly.

Her sound baths are specifically designed to restore the nervous system.

Inner Sounds Yoga's mission is to provide sound 

as a therapeutic tool to

create a healthy nervous system,

experience effortless meditation, 

restore emotional harmony

and create an  underlying calm and feeling of wholeness

through inner self-connection.

Inner Sound Meditation offers sound bath meditations in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, El Cerrito,

San Leandro, Livermore, Dublin, and the greater Bay Area.

Learn more about Melissaprivate sound sessions or sound baths



Inner Sounds Yoga, Missy Felsenstein, Yoga Therapy, Sound Therapy, Sound Bath, Sound Healing, Bay Area Sound Bath, Bay Area Sound Healing, Bay Area Yoga Therapy, Private Yoga Therapy



Soothe and balance your nervous system, calm your stress levels, and feel the spaciousness of meditation with a private sound therapy program.  Learn how to receive just to receive.  


Sound therapy builds new neuropathways cumulatively over time.  Each client will receive a complimentary phone call to determine length and duration of program based on years of experience.  Weekly sessions and longer programs are highly recommended for sustaining change. 

Private Sessions

  • Single Session - 60 mins -  $145 per 60 min session

  • Evening or Weekend 60 min Sessions - $125 when purchased as a 4 pack

    • Mondays 4pm-9pm Namaste Berkeley

    • Saturdays 1-4pm Green Yogi Berkeley

  • Afternoon 60 min Sessions - $125 when purchased as a 4 pack

In the Privacy of Your Own Home- let the sound come to you! 

Sound Cottage includes 2 gongs and 5-7 crystal bowls and tuning forks.

In home Sessions include 5-7 crystal bowls and tuning forks, gongs are an additional cost.


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  • Soothe and restore your parasympathetic nervous system, access slower brainwave states for systematic healing, and a meditative calm.

  • Experience passive, wordless therapy and the art of receiving. Words aren’t able to express our deepest feelings of grief, trauma, depression, or fear. Sound is receptive in nature and offers a safe place to metabolize and integrate complex feelings and past experiences.


  • Strengthen intuition and receive flash insight to break through old patterns and make lasting changes.

  • Feel a sense of integrated wholeness, create emotional resiliency, and live a more balanced life.

  • Sound therapy has been proven to help relieve: insomnia, arthritis, chronic pain, fertility issues, fibromyalgia, cancer treatment side effects, autoimmune disorders, digestive issues, heart disease, depression, and numerous other emotional issues.

  Find a sound meditation bath near you here



Wow. I have a chronic pain issue that has prevented me from sleeping well for the past 25 years. I went to a sound bath on a whim and had the best night sleep of my entire night.

Who knew? 

E.M. - Teacher, San Francisco

For the past seven years, I've suffered from a chronic shoulder injury with radiating pain down my left arm constantly all day and all night. I went to a sound bath and felt my entire shoulder relax and release completely.  I was pain free for 3 weeks which is

a miracle in my book.

K.P. -  Engineer, Berkeley

The Sound Bath session was an incredible journey that literally

led to a clear, quiet space.

I was highly aware of everything yet unburdened by everyday worries.

I felt light and energized.

T. N. R. - Visual Facilitator, El Cerrito

Whenever I am at Melissa's sound bath the entire experience feels like a gentle glide, like pushing a boat into calm water. There is no effort to receive this softness. That is the feeling I feel the entire time. Melissa creates a deliberate slowness and spaciousness in the journey that enhances my own ability to slow down and listen. 

I just want more.

T.J. - Software Designer, Alameda

I am a bulldozer when it comes to self care situations, I take in all the things: acupuncture, talk therapy, TRE, massage, etc. And what I love most is how sound takes nothing from you.  

All these other forms of therapy take energy from you, while

sound only gives you more.


A.W. - Tech Activist, Berkeley


As someone who can't sit still for more than two minutes, I was shocked to find that with the sound healing and Melissa's expertise, guidance, and soothing voice I meditated for thirty whole minutes with ease.  One second I was in the room the next I was deep in myself and just stayed there. 

L.M. - Writer, San Leandro

I highly recommend private sessions for reasons that can be difficult to put into words.  

In the sessions I felt something 

I have been seeking for a long time in my 40+ personal journey from abuse and trauma. Melissa's intuitive playing skill and  ability to "read" a session allowed me to go much deeper.

I recovered fractured parts of my past and

reconnected with the inner child

we often fear is misplaced forever.  

I felt true forgiveness and no blame.


D.A. - Nurse Practitioner | El Cerrito, CA

During my 2nd pregnancy, I attended Melissa's sound baths as often as possible during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. As a working mom with a preschooler at home, this afforded me sacred time to truly unwind and connect with my body and my growing baby. After each sound bath, I felt emotionally calm and physically rested. I also feel that the sound bath, especially during the 3rd trimester, helped me strengthen my ability to go deeply within, a skill that was tremendously helpful during labor and delivery. I highly recommend Melissa's inspired and inspiring sound journeys for all mamas to be! 

J.A. - Teacher & Mother | Berkeley, CA

I decided to book a ​

private sound program and thought it was going to be more like a massage. I had no idea how deep of therapy this was going to be.

During our very first session,

Melissa intuited a powerful insight that was worth more than five years of talk therapy.

 This insight led me to feel focused

with clear direction and I am moving

forward with purpose and love.

K.J. - Manager | Oakland, CA

On a scale of 1 to 10, private sessions with Melissa are a 10. Being in the room with Melissa while she played sound bowls was surreal. After two sessions, the physical and emotional sludge I was carrying was gone. I walked away with a physical wound dramatically healed, personal breakthroughs, and a lot of new concepts I can apply to my yoga and meditation practice to keep the momentum. The benefits of sound bowl sessions with Melissa continue to soak in for weeks afterwards. Powerful, long-lasting results unlike conventional medicine or talk therapy. Hearing her play the bowls in a private setting is an experience of a lifetime for the mind and body.

I highly recommend it.

M.L. - Copywriter | Oakland, CA


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